Latter Glory

We can only move forward

Looking ahead

No matter what the past is

The past it was . . .

Do not waste precious time

Gathering the rubble from your past

Lay a new foundation

And invest your left over time

To start building anew!

If you are lucky enough

It may just be enough

For you to yet surpass

The glory from the past

Yet destiny is so distinct

It’s the harbinger of every instinct

The fate of yesterday

You no longer can faith

‘Cause it is now a history

 And no longer a mystery

You can only be a wise

Perhaps a savant

If you purposefully pause as oft

To question yourself

Right from the within:

How oft can I be wrong?

Until it is all wrong

But if you venture to ask me

Mine would be;

As oft as you are willing to forgive yourself

Willing to pick whatever is left

Of you, for you or both

Willing to let go of the past

To embrace a new dawn

To hope yet still with a will of steel

That has chosen never to be broken

No matter the furnace

But ready to endure the heat

So that it may come out neat

With a glory that’s most glorious!



11 thoughts on “Latter Glory” by Babalola Ibisola VABI (@Babalolaibisola)

  1. @Babalolaibisola Not a bad attempt but the flow was almost looking like a cliché of common sayings. Keep up the good work, though.

    1. @Rheeyta, many thanks for your comment and for even taking the pain to read thru my lines.

      about the common saying, you are right, this particular piece is about the message, and not the art.

      Hope to give something with the typical poetic ‘cliche’ for your delight later. Lol

    1. Appreciate you stopping by, thanks @nicolebassey

  2. Inspiring bt i feel it could have been delivered better

    1. @topazo, thanks bro. Of course, always an angle to improve on, and sure we’ll get there.

      ‘A next time better try’

  3. Tomorrow is never far away
    It is the waiting that lasts forever
    Until it seems it will never be
    But it always come
    Never failing once

    We too, never failed
    To procrastinate
    Holding up a little more
    For another tomorrow.

    So another tomorrow comes
    But it still not the one we’ll use
    Because a tomorrow we yet await

    After all tomorrow is certain
    Or so it seem.

  4. Latter glory, an endless joy, a perfect Elysium.
    Good work VABI.

  5. interesting

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