Demon Mission

This is a little info on how we operate. Let me start this way; I’m not human, I’m a…demon and my name is Angatus. You can decipher from my name that I’m the carrier of anger. My job is to possess as many humans as I can or rather…possess as many Christians as I can and control their mind. Sounds easy right? Well, wait until you have to deal with a thousand angels surrounding one Christian.
The hazards of my job are many. First of all; I have a very demanding boss. He shouldn’t hear me say this but he’s a tyrant and wickedness is his nature. We serve him because we have no other choice, personally I’d rather be serving Him. I’d rather be an angel and have all those benefits than serve Lucifer.
The name Lucifer inspires fear… but not as much as that name. A name I can’t even say; a name which causes every knee to bow and even we demons to confess.
My current mission is to corrupt a certain home and I’m working hand-in-hand with Lustus.
This mission is supposed to be easy. Lustus is to hack into the mind of the husband of the home who is a Deacon in a well-known church. You should know that the most complex thing to penetrate is the human mind. There are so many road-blocks in the mind. Humans think about a lot of things and that’s their main weakness. The trick is learning how to manipulate their thoughts to suit your purpose, when you can do that then you magnify their thoughts with their eyes and mouth. Whatever they see registers in their mind and whatever they say cannot be taken back. They fail to realize how powerful words are…and how we manipulate words. See, when humans say good things; angels scurry about to make them happen and when they say negative things…demons attend to them. Interesting, huh?
Lustus has had difficulty penetrating the Deacon; he’s a pretty good Christian. He actually makes out time to pray and read the Holy Book. The angels guarding him are numerous and powerful and Lustus is afraid to get too close.
I’ve decided to work on the wife and I discover that she’s actually more sensitive than the husband. It’s amazing how ignorant humans are. They have no idea that before anything happens in the physical realm, it’s already happened in our realm- the spiritual realm.
When I see the Deacon’s wife…I immediately know that she’s stronger spiritually. I see the fire burning wildly around her like a protective shield. Even from the distance I am; I can feel the heat from the fire- holy fire. I definitely can’t get close to her now until that fire is quenched or at least diminishes.
It’s night and the couple is getting ready for bed; Lustus and I are waiting for the right moment to strike. We work best under the cover of darkness. That’s their most vulnerable moment; they let down their guard without even knowing how exposed they are to us.
The wife takes out the Holy Book, the one they call the Bible. That book is powerful, no doubt but some of these Christians have no idea how to use it. Some sleep with it under their pillows thinking it has some supernatural power to protect them, they fail to realize that it’s the words in the Book that frighten us. The words in the Holy Book are weapons. We fear a Christian who has the words in his/her heart because when we attack, they begin to spit out words that scar us. I particularly hate this passage: “Greater is He that is in me… bla bla bla.” I mean for Lucifer’s sake!

The Deacon and his missus have a daughter who is the perfect bait for Lustus and I. That young child is fifteen years old and is slowly spinning out of the control of her mum and dad; thanks to another friend of ours- Disobus.
Disobus is more powerful than Lustus and I put together. He is the root of all disobedience. Before any of our prey falls under our spell, they have to be under the spell of Disobus first. You see, it’s quite complicated. To succumb to Disobus, the Christian has to refuse to obey the spirit inside them; that third person in the Trinity, the gentle one, and the one they call The Holy Spirit. Once the Christian ignores the Holy Spirit inside them; Disobus takes full charge, paving the way for demons like Lustus and I.
So you see how it works. The Deacon’s daughter has just one angel guiding her and there’s no protective fire around her; she’s easy prey for us. We could use her to get to the Deacon and his wife.
Perfect plan huh? It’s time for me to possess her. In case you don’t understand the full concept of possessing humans…let me enlighten you. When we possess a person, we have our tentacles deep into his/her mind. We make them do things we want them to do, we possess their body. We have total control of their minds; their thoughts are actually what we want them think.
There’s a simple truth…every human is possessed by something; it just depends on what. The Christians are possessed by their Holy Spirit, the non-Christians are possessed by…well…us. There are demons attached to every non-Christian just like there are angels attached to every Christian. I guess it’s up to you to make your choice.
Well, I’m off to possess a young girl. We cannot report failure to our master. I am a demon but I’m terrified of him.
And just as I arrive at the daughter’s side, a huge wind hits me and I reel back from the force. This is a familiar problem…I realize what has happened. Prayers have begun. Someone somewhere has begun praying. The force of the prayer is so much that I instantly know that it’s coming from somewhere in the house.
The environment is getting hotter and hotter. The heat of the prayers singes my talons. I have to get out of here before they call that name.
I see Lustus in the distance beckoning to me.
“We have to leave. The fire is too much” He says, his red eyes glazing.
‘All is not lost. I can try to enter this girl” I insist. I hate failing.
“They will only bind and cast you back to our Master and you will suffer a worse fate than if we leave here now.” Lustus crowed.
I decide that he’s right and I follow him. Goodbye young child, you’ve been saved by prayers but I will be back another day.

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  1. LFW! peretti would be proud… Well done

  2. Thanks for reading @topazo I appreciate your comment.

  3. @febidel

    @everyone else I couldn’t remember their mention name,pls bear with me, but your input is needed too so, read and comment please. Thank you.

    1. @Mimiadebayo, lol @ my mention name. I’ll read and comment soon. You are fast learner.

  4. @Mimiadebayo, this is definitely not the end, if it is, me and you go fight well o.

    Good story like the build up, but I need the rest oooooo. NS lady of Suspense you don come again :)

  5. @dkny111 this my friend,you don come again. You just like story with part 2 abi? Lol. Thanks for reading!

  6. @Mimiadebayo,

    The writing itself is good, and it’s a very interesting idea, but the trouble with writing these kinds of stories is that you are trying build an explanation on top of an already existing explanation, and you lay yourself open to logical inconsistencies.

    For example, you imply that the young girl is already under the spell of Disobus (“That young child … is slowly spinning out of the control of her mum and dad; thanks to another friend of ours- Disobus”), and I don’t think that Angatus and Lustus would have dared try and possess her if she wasn’t already under Disobus’s spell (“Before any of our prey falls under our spell, they have to be under the spell of Disobus first”). If this was so, couldn’t Disobus just make the girl do what he wanted, without involving Angatus and Lustus?

    And why would Lustus even think about trying to possess the deacon when Disobus had not paved the way for him, and he already knew that the deacon was protected by legions of angels?

    Maybe there is a good explanation. But you don’t want to create too many questions in the head of your readers. Personally, I would have kept it simple, and just simply said that there were demons looking to possess the girl without labelling them as demons of disobedience, lust or anger. That way, there’s no need for any ‘Disobus’ – it’s simply a case of demons on a mission who are targetting a girl who is not spiritually strong for possession.

    Well done.

  7. @TolaO Thanks for stopping by to read and comment sir. I understand what you’re saying about logical inconsistencies. Thank you.

  8. It was fun to read this though but @TolaO did make useful points. Well done. $ß

  9. You must be Frank Peretti fan, am I right?… Hehe

  10. @sibbylwhyte.Long time ma’m. Where have you been? Anyways,welcome back and thanks for stopping by to read.Your comment is highly appreciated.

  11. @Olan Yes I am. He’s a role model of mine. Lol. Thanks for reading!

  12. Ha! That girl is in trouble o. Even the names of the demons would scare anyone. Lol. You write well; I see you are conscious of grammar.

    Still, I have several problems with this. First, I think that there is little nuance in the story. Everything has just been laid out and told like a grid. But I can’t really speak further because some part of my mind tells me the writing style is meant to reflect the idiosyncrasy of Angatus.

    Well done. Keep improving your art.

  13. @chemokpi Thank you so much sir for dropping by.I’m flattered.I appreciate your comment.

  14. @Miskay Thank you dear,for reading.
    @chemokopi. Thanks so much for stopping by sir. I’m flattered.I appreciate you commenting.

  15. @Mimiadebayo…..first, what I like about this are the demon’s names. I like this storyline, its different.

    However, my problems are confusion with the roles of the different demons…..First, I thought angatus and lustus were to attack the husband and wife, then disobus for the child.

    You mentioned Lustus and angatus waited till its dark to attack the husband and wife before she brought out the bible. And if the daughter had one angel and no protective fire around her thus making her easy target why did the demons not start with her already?? How come angatus and lustus switched to her last minute?? You mentioned disobus has to have the victims under his spell before the other two could strike but disobus did not feature anywhere yet lustus and aggatus where trying to possess the family without disobus doing his part.

    For the benefit of story-telling, I would have preferred this piece to be written in an ancient/epic way. It would be narrated with dialogues where necessary. In my opinion, this would give it a particular weight.
    Re-read for a few errors and missing words.

    Well done…..still admiring you!

  16. Whew! What a lecture@Zikora I hear ya dear! Thanks for reading.

  17. You understand why I bothered girl @Mimiadebayo.

  18. @zikora. That was a nice thing to do. And your suggestion makes a lot of sense.
    @mimiadebayo. You can experiment with what Zik suggests, but still keep this one too. I’d like to see what dialogue could do to this piece. Cheers! $ß.

  19. Thanks@sibbylwhyte and @Zikora
    I’ll work on your suggestions.

  20. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    nice one and very creative,at first i thought the names of the demons were real but i later found out that they were gotten from words like ‘lust’,’anger’ and ‘disobedience’ very thoughtful of you,well done.

  21. @ihenyengladysusile Thanks for reading dear. Glad you enjoyed it.

  22. Nice concept…. Nice creativity….

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