You sometimes make me cry and at the same time smile

You are near yet can only be reached in distant mile

I hold you in my arms but still sense your fluidity

Makes me doubt anything as certainty

Seeked you all through eternity

Now found and I’m plainly scared

All in the bid not to be scarred

Your words say something

And your acts another thing

Makes me but wonder

If I’m ever deserving of you kinda

Though at times I feel confused

In you I daily find love infused

I constantly strive to fall in your grace

But mostly find my intentions misplaced

All’s not yet smooth as prayed

Still I always want to stay

It neither makes me a lunatic nor a fanatic

I’m just addicted to the one I love who makes my clock tick

Now very aware of the common dictum “No pain; No gain”

That along with joy comes pain

Do take me as you find me

For I never intend leaving.

4 thoughts on “Complicated” by joy1 (@joy1)

  1. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    this is NICE. the poem flows, so simple to absolve. the ryme was really great.
    weldone .ā˜…āˆšā˜…

  2. ‘Seeked’ is a common misconception of ‘sought’. And please don’t plead ‘poetic license’.

    I think it addresses the theme well.

    Some lines up there are kind of awkward. Like ‘Iā€™m just addicted to the one I love who makes my clock tick’…

    Can you make that tighter? I’m just saying.

    Good job.

  3. I loved the use if of contradictions in the earliest lines bt that kinda fizzled out in the latter lines…

    Nice try

  4. My view is pretty much summed up by @topazo. You have some odd word usage, like “I constantly strive to fall in your grace” – I would have replaced ‘fall’ with ‘stay’ or ‘bathe’.

    Or “But mostly find my intentions misplaced” – the sense is that you want to communcate the the MC’s desires have not come to pass. Something like ‘thwarted’ or ‘gone astray’ sounds better.

    Keep writing, @joy1.

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