Between Her Sheets [4]: Catastrophe épique!


Oh bollocks! ‘What does he want now?’ I mused. I decided to ignore him, that will teach him! He is so full of himself yet I notice the way he looks at me, and throw snide remarks or lewd innuendos my way. Then, in another instance he muffs his handsome face into serious concentration walking on air like he owns the universe. Its like dealing with a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde persona!

You don’t faze me! I always muse in my head. Not that I can’t say it to him. Actually, I am the only female who stood up to him. The staff were all in shock that day #respect!
The men hate his guts but pretend to be cool with him by throwing dry banter towards him, while some ladies can’t stand him either because they do not have the ability to steer his interest towards them or they made passes at him and he blew them off embarrassingly.

The other set of ladies lick his feet in the hope to shag him one day, and the other set bragged about the advances he made at them.

Now, Ianthe thinks the bragging ladies are telling tall fantasy tales. She drools over him, she loves his confidence and domineering aura. Karen, on the other hand abhors the man’s presence vehemently, and its not because she wants him.

You see Nathan is the lead anaesthetist in my team in our ICU department where I work part time. Nathan is not all bad, he has this charm about him and he is generous. He is nice and warm to people he likes, and he could be pretty hilarious when he when he is not being a diva.
Although, he loves and admires himself and wants to win everything, therefore he is known to strop when he does not get his way. #Narcissistic muchos?!



‘Pick up your phone!’ Gemma shrieked from upstairs……I guess I was lost reminiscing about the wahala that is Nathan. Anyway, I will deal with his case another day.
‘Jeez, you don’t have to scream down the roof!’ I yelled back.

Oh shoot….it was not Nathan bombarding my phone again. I was ignoring his incessant calls by not looking at my phone screen. Its Ianthe.

‘Hey darling!’ I answered.

‘Guess what ma love?!’ she squealed excitedly.

‘What?!’ I asked plainly and rapidly, excitement building inside me.

‘I’ve got two tickets for Mumford & Sons!’ she screamed. I was still trying to recollect my thoughts when I heard her going ‘yeah baby!’

‘Oh wow’ I managed to muster. ‘Was their ticket not sold out? How did you manage to get tickets at the last minute?’
‘Tisk! Tisk! Tisk!’ she replied. I could imagine her happiness induced glowing face and wide smile, with her right index finger tapping her chin when she said tisk! Tisk! Tisk!

Immediately, my eyes and whole being lit up. I knew there is a juicy tale behind her acquiring those tickets in so short a time. Its not really the ticket that got her so happy but how and where she got it. You see I know my friend very well.

‘Tell me, tell me!’ I am yelling excitedly now.
‘Get dressed! I will be at yours in an hour!’ she ordered. I rolled my eyes with a bemused smile on my face and thought….the rare times Ianthe gets to back orders and get away with it.

I had the quickest shower I’ve ever had. I hummed a tune while I painted my face, deciphering what to wear and what style to subject my hair to. The night could not be anymore promising. What with the whole day being a drab – with Kola blowing off the roof because of Usman’s gift and then left unceremoniously #next!

Damn, I forgot to call Usman!




My phone rang and it was Usman’s number and name on the screen.

‘Hello Usman’ I answered coolly. A bit embarrassed he called before I could call him. I know he thinks I’m playing hard to get by not calling him.
‘First lady, I salute’ he mocked. That’s what he calls me. He said its because of the stately way I carry myself, as well as my demure aura.
‘You must be psychic’ I said dryly. ‘I was just about to call you’ I finished.
‘Hmmm, before nko?’ I heard his dry chuckle. He does not believe me.

His remark also referred to times when I said I would call him but scarcely do.
‘Honestly, I mean it’ I crowed defensively.
‘No wahala, hope its to your taste?’ he enquired.
‘I love it!’ I exclaimed. ‘Its so beautiful, you have good taste Usman.’
I heard a sigh of relief and then he said ‘I was becoming apprehensive, thought you did not like it.’
‘Nah far from it, thank you. I appreciate your gesture, though you did not tell me why you sent it.’
‘Its nothing, I just want to make you happy’ he said.
‘Well, I am and thank you!’

My door bell was ringing……
‘Usman, I have to go now. Will speak to you later’
‘Aiite, take care of your pretty self ok’ he said and hung up.

You see Usman is one of those guys that think they can impress and buy you with money. I will tell his story another day.

Ianthe breezed in immediately I opened the door. ‘Wow! You took your time to get the door. What where you doing?!
‘Where are you going?’ I queried her in the same breath.
‘I need the loo!’ she shouted back.
‘You’ve been drinking haven’t you?’ I chided.
‘Don’t worry, we are not driving!’ she retorted. ‘I called a cab on my way here’ she continued.
‘Oh cool! I will get my purse then’ I said and dashed back to my room faster than speedy Gonzalez.

‘Taxi is hereee!’ Ianthe yelled from the hallway. ‘Be a minute!’ I yelled back. Gemma sleeps like a log, even if she is thrown into a river she would not stir. Bijou, my other housemate is still not back home.
‘So?…how did you get those tickets?’ I asked impatiently as I climbed into the taxi.
‘I know you are dying to for the details’ she said in a low tone with a cheeky grin looking away from me.

‘Say it already and stop procrastinating’ I smarted giving her a stern look.

‘I knew he liked me. I’ve always known’ she beamed.

‘Who likes you? And why is it such a big deal?’ I am wearing a bewildered frown now.

‘Mmasi darling, your jaw would be on the floor when I tell you!’ I shook my head, I am almost losing interest. Then her phone rang…..

5 minutes later, we hopped out of the taxi and made a mad dash towards the entrance as we were almost late. The night was awesome as we raved like teenagers, loosing our voices due to excessive screaming #my eardrums will be reverberating for days afterwards.

The concert was coming to an end when a bunch of rowdy teenagers started ‘mush pitting.’ We tried to get away but it was too late. The mush pit grew bigger, and the kids sucked us in with their rough pushing and shoving. Mush pits are one of my worst nightmares at big outdoor music concerts and festivals like the V music festivals or Glastonbury.

However, this concert was indoors with no muddy soil area so I was perplexed as to how they decided to think that it was safe to start a mush pit rampage on a concrete floor inside an arena. I and Ianthe lost each other in the process. I felt I was going to pass out when I felt a strong hand pull me out. He put me across one shoulder holding me tight and protectively with one hand, while the other hand fought and shoved unruly, drunk ravers out of the way.

I collapsed into the comfort of his arms and blacked out momentarily. When the crisp cold winter air hit me I knew we had made it outside. I have never appreciated December cold till then, it revived me from my respite.

‘Do you think you can stand on your feet now?’ A smooth deep voice asked. I was reluctant to because he no longer carried me on his shoulder but with both hands. I was comfortably snug in his chest and the waft of his very masculine cologne was like a soothing balm….he smelled of citrus and sandal wood #I love those aromas.

‘Where is Ianthe?’ I asked rhetorically, barely audible.
‘Sorry what?’ he asked.
‘My friend, I came with her and she was in the mush pit too’ I said with worry etched on my face and voice.
‘Uhm ok, what does she look like?’ he asked. Blimey! That voice sounds vaguely familiar I thought.
‘Put me down please, I think I will be fine on my feet now’ I said.

I realised we were in front of a hotel when I stood. ‘I thought it maybe warmer to settle your nerves in the hotel lobby’ he said.
I turned around – low and behold….
‘Adrian?!’ I whispered audibly. Oh my days! #covers face. If I was a few shades lighter I would have visibly blushed red!
His hearty laughter confirmed my worst embarrassment.
‘Misenaki’ he attempted to say my name and we both burst out laughing uncontrollably.
‘You remembered!’ I said gleefully in surprise.
‘Well, I tried to remember your name by likening it to cars, you know Maserati?!’
Another round of laughter, some of the hotel guests were looking our way now.

‘Oh my god, sorry I’ve got to find my friend’ I was apprehensive with worry and disgusted with myself for forgetting about her and basking in the glow of my prince in shining amour.

‘Yeah, have you still got your phone on you?’
‘Yes I have, thank God’ I exhaled, fishing my phone out of my inner coat zipped pocket. I prayed silently that Ianthe has not lost hers.

‘Mmasi….’ a mousy sobbing voice answered.
‘Babe! Thank goodness, where are you?’
‘Erm hi…we are in front of the arena’ a male voice swallowed nervously on the other side of the phone.
‘Who are you?’ I quivered and rushed off my seat and back out into the cold, fear gripping me. Adrian ran after me.
‘Be careful, watch out for the black ice!’ I heard him warn after me. That was when I noticed it snowed probably when we were inside the arena.

Before you could say bingo, I was sailing in the air and landed with a thud on the wet, snow padded side walk faster than Usain Bolt. #how graceful!

I let out a yelp both from fright and, oh the pain on my derriere and my palms stung from landing hard on the ground.
‘Good lord! Are you ok?’ his posh accent became prominent all of a sudden.
‘No….’ I whimpered.
‘I see you make a habit of clumsy second impressions’ he said, amused. We both chuckled loudly as he scooped me into his arms once again.
‘Maybe its you who jinxed me!’ I retorted feigning anger.
‘Or maybe you are charmed by my presence’ he retaliated, laughing.
In that moment, I looked into his eyes unabashed, unashamed like a wanton nymph. He gazed back, I melted. My desire became instant out of no where and he responded by placing his lips on mine. He inhaled me like an animal marking its scent, then kissed me ferociously, in the middle of a crowded street.
It is Saturday night and people scurried in every direction and noisy party goers did not disappoint.

I kissed him back passionately, he tasted so good. The night could not have got any worse can it? I momentarily forgot about Ianthe again!…. #what’s a girl to do when her prince charming rescued her twice?

‘Oi you two get a room!’ a group of young guys yelled in amusement while they bolstered past us. A group of girls on a ‘hen night’ party troupe giggled and cheered loudly. The commotion brought us back to reality.

‘Ianthe!’ I screamed. ‘Oh lawd, she’s gonna hate me’ I lamented.
‘Its ok, we will be there in a minute’ he reassured, as he strode carefully towards imposing arena steps.

I spotted Ianthe immediately near the ramps, with a strange guy comforting her. I yelled her name while I nudged Adrian towards them. I made to run again but Adrian’s hand held me back and I remembered #lmao! #thick girl.

She burst into tears when she saw me approaching, I took hesitant quick steps to get to her. We hugged and held each other like long lost twins #odd.
‘Mmasi….I think my ankle is broken. its so painful’ she whined.
‘Gosh, I hope its not broken !’ I exclaimed. I unwound my scarf off my neck and tied it on her ankle to reduce swelling till we get to the hospital. #The X-ray technician will thank me for this later.
We boarded a black cab and arrived in A&E within 10 minutes. The other guy left with his friends but Adrian insisted he would come with us. As usual on weekend nights there was a number of casualties – demanding, drunk casualties who got into fights and snow victims who lost a tooth, broke an arm and bleeding heads.

What a day…! Two 23 year old girls got knocked out #hilarious? We left the A&E at 3.16am. Adrian came back with us to make sure we got home safe. I can not help but think he was stalking me but I did not mind.
I could not decide whether to invite Adrian in for coffee or not #wink. He helped me get Ianthe into my apartment, she stayed over at mine because she could not have driven back with sprained ankle. Thankfully, it was not broken.

Adrian waited at the door…..I decided to bid him goodnight so he could go back with the same cab. But the look in his eyes spoke of hope and his body language was reluctant, I looked towards my room and shook my head in the negative, and we both gave in to a hearty laughter. I realized we understand each other without speaking, our silence speaks volumes and we are just in tune with our minds……
I was not sure how it happened but…..we were in each others arms kissing passionately again. His tongue caressed my mouth like he is making love to my mouth, and he was turned on by my deep tongue tease and gentle biting. I could not believe I was practically caressing and groping a stranger, well second time stranger #lol at my door step.

Hmmm…this is just what I need.

My phone rings. Its Kola! #for Pete’s sake, not now!
‘K!’ I breathed.
‘Guess what…?’ he piped excitedly. ‘I am driving down your street!’ he continued, oblivious of what he just disrupted.
‘NOW?!’ I almost choked with the silly question.
‘In 2 minutes baby!’ he enthused.

#This is not happening!



31 thoughts on “Between Her Sheets [4]: Catastrophe épique!” by Zikora (@Zikora)

  1. Hahahaha. Ain’t you happy he called before hand?
    He was spitting fire over a gift can’t imagine what he will do now.

    Nice write.

    1. Lol….nope. That for reading @Estee.

      1. I meant thanks for reading @Estee.

  2. Ah. It was hard to follow one train of thought at a time.

    I think you can show that your character is a hyperactive confused person without confusing the reader.

    And then –

    “Oh bollocks! ‘What does he want now?’ I mused. I decided to ignore him, that will teach him! He is so full of himself yet I notice the way he looks at me, and throw snide remarks or lewd innuendos my way. Then, in another instance he muffs his handsome face into serious concentration walking on air like he owns the universe. Its like dealing with a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde persona!”

    Stay with one tense. If it’s present – stay in the present. Otherwise.


    1. If you notice she speaks directly as things happen as well as weaving in and out of past incidents. So that’s why there are both past and present tenses.

      Also her immediate thoughts are considered present unless its a reminisce…..

      However @Seun-Odukoya…..if you think there is a better way to tell then please educate me. You have been steadily reading my first work here on NS and I appreciate that. Thank you and keep reading!

  3. Lol…. I liked the second part. The first was all over the place.

    1. @Myne….thank you! but do you mean the second part of this same piece or the second installment of BHS??

      1. I meant the second part of this one, after the first line of asterix

        1. @Myne….thank you again.

          I agree….I should not have given that much info on Nathan on this piece. There are are so many things I cut out that could have stayed.

          I hope I’m getting better….

  4. INFP wri’er, you! :D
    I could just go with the ‘feel good’ vibes this gives but the tense mixup is so much sand in my garri, ‎​ℓ☺​ℓ!
    I think the 2nd installation’s still the best but there are tidbits here too

    1. @wendeekay thanks for stopping by!

      What does this mean tho ‘INFP wri’er, you!’??

      About the tense issues….If you notice she speaks directly as things happen as well as weaving in and out of past incidents. So that’s why there are both past and present tenses.

      Also her immediate thoughts are considered present unless its a reminisce…..

      Loool @ the saying you think ‘the 2nd installation’s still the best.’ Well, people started shooting me here calling it porn so now I’ve toned down and you now prefer the 2nd one. Cool….

  5. Ok d first part didt aid comprehension, but i like d second part.just as Da Queen said,am wondering what he will one.

    1. Thanks @NIRA-SLYVES……wait and see!

  6. Kola will defo explode when he gets there. Mmasi and the fast paced lifestyle. I wonder what it feels like in her head.

    @Zikora, welldone. This episode leaves you with a warm feeling. I can’t blv it is episode four already.
    Mmasi has grown on me. I wouldn’t want to be her but I enjoy reading about her chaotic life.

  7. @olajumoke……oche! I love you for loving Mmasi! I’m assuming you are a girl so I appreciate that she gets love from a female too cus the guys on NS love her plenty already lol. Mmasi does live in her head a lot…..she’s not talkative but she is experimental and adventurous at heart….so a lot of her actions are contrasts.

    Thank you darling! I’m working hard to make this a memorable chick lit with a difference. And you inspire me to make this story exciting because you believe it!

  8. yeah, you can mix tenses but you didn’t do good with this one. Present tense are best used for making statements and to describe yourself- which is used well in the second part- and it should be minimal. The first part was cluttered and the depth wasn’t necessary for this installation. However I’m stll feeling your piece. Mmasi is proving to be Mmasi…

    1. @francis…..thank you!

      I agree with you guys….I should not have explained Nathan that much in this piece. I wanted to slowly introduce him tho especially because his call ended the last installment and opened this installment. However, I should have limited it to just a paragraph.

  9. The first part definitely has tense mix ups…
    I enjoyed this
    I wonder how she is going to deal with hurricane kola when he arrives..
    Well done

    1. Thank you @topazo…..I see you!

  10. The story is getting more interesting. Mmasi should be thankful that Kola called before coming. @Zikora, pay attention to what the others have said about the tenses. You don’t want your readers to be distracted by those mechanics, when we should be enjoying the interesting story that you are weaving.

    1. Thank you @febidel. Corrections noted.

  11. Oh my world..aint she a lucky gurl to be getting all this attention..

    God save her with kola

    1. Lol @schatzilein…..lucky girl? That’s the world of girls! Thanks for reading.

      1. When is the next post?

        1. Hmmm……soon!

          1. We’re waiting oh.

  12. Ooohm! Just when I wanted to know what Kola would do. Where’s the next installment? It’s been over a month and some.
    I feel the hurricane coming. How does she get horny Adrian out and Crazy Kola in?
    I’d hate to be her at this point.
    I hope your next post gets neater.
    Well done, @zikora. $ß.

    1. Thank you. Keep coming and you will see.

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