Baby Daddy Syndrome (BDS)

Trends are quick to catch on in Nigeria. Once somebody does a thing and it’s successful or gets a favourable response, a lot of people tend to follow suit.
It happens with business, religion, politics, even child bearing.
It also happened in the music industry. Sometime ago, the music business wasn’t as attractive as it is now. Then, it was seen to be a venture for the never-do-wells and academic castoffs. But then, “2face” happened, and the sun of the industry began to shine brighter.
That’s when a lot of other people began to have interest. Even people who were doing God-knows-what overseas returned home to catch a piece of the action. And very soon, they dominated the industry (that’s a story for another day).The bandwagon effect. That is why lots of people are dropping out of school to pursue music. It’s the reason why graduates keep their certificates locked away and head to the studio.
However, there is another bandwagon effect catching on in Naija. It may be detestable to some people though.
I’m talking about nothing other than the baby daddy culture that is fast taking seed among our musicians.
According to my definition, Baby Daddy Syndrome (BDS) is a culture of impregnating a woman without marrying her, yet carrying out other obligations.
The first and the most legendary baby daddy is 2baba himself. That man is such an addicted baby daddy that he had to do it six times. Yes…you can close your mouth now. 2face Idibia actually put three different women in the family way six different times without being or getting married to any of them. Thankfully, he has finally gotten married to one of them now, but that is not our Area Of Concentration.
Following behind 2face is Peter of P-Square fame. This brother is a (proud?) father of two children, all delivered by one woman. When Peter first impregnated his older lover, Lola Omotayo, some of us thought it was a mistake. But then, some years after, another “mail” has arrived; Peter was blessed with another baby boy early this year in January through his regular Baby Mama (BM).
And just as if it’s a competition, or a status symbol, Peter’s twin brother, Paul, has also made sure that when they are calling sufferers of BDS, his name wouldn’t be missing. And he was successful, as just a few days before compiling this report, he was blessed with a son, Andre, through his BM, Anita.
Another famous Baby Daddy (BD) is MayD. The former Square Records signee didn’t stay too long with the label, but he stayed long enough to imbibe the BD culture. He had a baby boy with his girlfriend, Debola, in January this year.
Another important member of the BDS club is none other than the Akpako master himself, Terrible Gabriel aka Terry G. You know, I have often wondered on how Terry G would perform as a father (a mischievous fellow even said his baby will be born high). Anyway, it turns out he is a good one. The singer was spotted recently shopping with his baby (whom he flaunts at every oppourtunity) and his baby mama.
Of course, my list wouldn’t be complete if I don’t mention the Kid who has a kid. Yes, I’m talking about the Pakurumo crooner, Starboy Wizzy. When he sang “I love my baby” in 2011, we thought he was talking about his girlfriend, but now we know he was singing to his child. Even though the young millionaire and silky voiced singer has come out to repeatedly deny the claims that he has a baby, how can we explain some pictures which surfaced online a while back in which he was posing with a baby who looked exactly like him? Well, he can deny all he wants, but God is watching him in 3D sha.
After all has been said, the kernel of my story is that though celebrities are not preachers or imams, they have huge moral responsibilities to the people. Whatever a musician does goes a long way in influencing millions of other individuals, most especially youths.
The African culture believes strongly and reveres the sanctity of the marriage institution, and one of the reasons for marriage is procreation. As a matter of fact, most religions frown at pre-marital sex.
So what are our celebrities actually teaching us? That we don’t need to spend a whole lot of money organizing a wedding? That we can just impregnate someone and voila, a baby is on the way.
Methinks, these entertainers should stop acting so darn irresponsible. If they aren’t ready for wives and families, then they shouldn’t attempt making babies.
Apart from pregnancy, how about AIDS and the battalion of other Sexually Transmitted Diseases out there?
Surely, BDS is one bandwagon effect that I don’t want to catch on.

8 thoughts on “Baby Daddy Syndrome (BDS)” by tofarati (@tofarati)

  1. I laugh in egdjigam.
    I hope they will read and put some sense in their head.

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      Baby , you sabi egdjigam? You tight o! lol. Akwa-cross ;-)

  2. You forgot

    I dont nlame.all this guys..i blame the gurls who give the.milk and the cow for free without putting a ring on it…becosbof money gurls dont even wanna know if you have ten wives before them…whoring themselves around looking for the highest bidder…nigerian women are winning in the game of promiscuity this days

  3. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Hmm, oga @tofarati well done. This has got me thinking…

  4. nice, nice nice, is all i can say

  5. Thanks all.
    As an addition, it has been widely reported online that Paul Psquare has a new BM in the person of a 19 yr old former Miss Plateau (or something like that).
    I’m not saying I’m clairvoyant, but I said it, BDS is becoming the new fad?

  6. Sade (@sade)

    We sure do need to start a society called “War Against Baby Daddy Syndrome” WABDS. And a counseling society for intending girls that want to take up the status of “Baby mama”.

  7. Lol! Nice one…

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