I had been waiting for a time spell that felt like eternity.

For weeks, I had fantasized and daydreamed endlessly of once again having him in my arms; of seeing his perfect smile, watching him furrow his brow in that funny way he did when he didn’t understand why his jokes were not funny to me; his deep, rich laugh that warmed my insides like hot chocolate on a cold rainy day and his beautiful brown eyes and the way they darkened with passion when we made love.

And when we made love, it just seemed like everything stopped for that moment: the world’s spinning, time, even my heart. I had never liked the phrase “making love”, I was from a more vulgar strain: “Let’s fuck” but it was everything ‘fucking’ and more.

So when he had showed up on schedule at the door of the room he had asked me to book at our usual hotel, I froze in the doorway. Not a word passed between us, because somehow we both knew they would be incapable of expressing the wild burning desire that I felt deep in me reflected in his eyes. My eyes hungrily feasted on my ‘eye-candy’ as I took to calling him, taking in every new detail about him. He had lightened considerably in the months I had been away and I felt my usual ‘sick urge’ (as he called it but gladly indulged) to lick his smooth skin, he’d grown his hair a little longer; cutting down the sides and filled out quite noticeably in his chest and arms.

But his hands had always been my best feature, possibly because he always kept his nails clean and had beautifully formed fingers but then there was also one of my many rings adorning his little finger as it wouldn’t fit any other; he had taken it as some sort of token the first time we ”made love” as he always put it. He would never agree to using my vulgar term, he explained that he could never bring himself to use such terms in reference to me and what we shared.

Without warning, he crossed the threshold in one clean stride and pulled me to him, encircling me in his arms, crushing me against his chest, right where I wanted to be.  I linked my hands behind his head and pulled it down low for a kiss, and he obliged me; our lips connecting passionately as he kicked the door close behind us.

From there everything seemed to move so fast; things got knocked over in the heat of the moment. I vaguely remember a lamp crashing to the floor as we both wrestled with the last button on his shirt, the chair by the desk toppled to the floor as he clumsily tried to kick his shoes off and I laughed. He paused for a second before taking my head firmly between his hands and staring me dead in the eyes, “Every time I see you…” he searched for the right words, “I don’t know how I survived without you”

I blushed, “Nor I, you.” Then he kissed my forehead tenderly and hugged me to his chest.

His hands dropped to my waist, encircling there before grabbing my behind and hoisting me onto the desk. “I think about you endlessly” he gently parted my legs to stand in between them, “You haunt my every thought…” my bra slipped off, “…when I’m awake” I shuddered at his touch, desire pooling between my legs, “…and when I’m asleep…” he flicked a nipple and I moaned, “…you invade my dreams” he ground his pelvis against my throbbing orifice, “I love you so much”

“I love you too” I tried to whisper but my throat was so parched it came out as an unintelligible squeak and he laughed running a finger down my belly, causing me to squirm. It came as a pleasant surprise when he ripped my g-string at the side and wrapped my legs around his waist. He worked my body to breaking point, matching whatever it needed, pacing himself; after all he did own my body and I was all too happy to relinquish ownership to him. I thought I would cry just from the sheer, untainted pleasure; my fingernails leaving pink trails down his back, the occasional swearword escaped my lips as he strived to take us both to our peak. He had never fancied scratching but right then, it did nothing but egg him on.  I held on to him as if my life depended on it because at that point it probably did. I moaned and begged for release and he let me, joining me a only a few moments after, planting a breathy kiss on my left shoulder as he held me close.

We both suddenly became aware of the door at the same time and the pair of prying eyes peeping in through the crack…

Some privacy, I kissed teeth as he crossed over to shut the door firmly.

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    1. lol, i was merely testing the waters with this post, but if u would like some more i’d be happy to oblige.

  1. Good flow,great story.weldone..

    1. thank you

  2. So who owns the prying eyes?

    1. Hotel personnel perharps? nosy guest possibly?

  3. “But his hands had always been my best feature”

    I think that line needs a qualifier – as in ‘his hands had always been my best feature on him’ or ‘his hands had always been my favorite body part of his’.

    Nice story. Next.

    1. haha i mean i figured it was self explanatory, that was why i took out the “…on him” but sure i’ll make a note of it.

  4. Been a long while NS got steamed up by a piece.
    Well done. $ß.

  5. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    well, well, if this isnt one of the best written sex scenes I have read this year. Lovely.

    1. oh stop eeth you, *blushes* you flatter me.

  6. Very erotic..getting there. Nice.

  7. steamy…nicely written. i like the part about the prying eyes, it leaves the reader with something to wonder about after reading
    well done

  8. I wish u caught d invader

  9. hmmmm love the kind o pleasure in thisstory

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