U can’t bear it alone

Agbara e O ka!!!!!

If you think you have the strength…

ask…Mr Musa Yar’dua

When He said take no thought

Of what you’ll eat, drink or wear

And that you cant add one inch to your strength by Worrying

He wasnt lying

Something happened to me recently

I fell in love with a beautiful damsel

And did everything in the book of relationship,

To make it work

From being accountable to her

To being very honest and open

But you know what?

My selfish attitude

Brought me back to square one

Instead of opening up to me

She stuck to an earlier decision that we remain friends

Just friends and nothing more

Was her words to me

To be precise I was hurt, disappointed and angry

I almost wanted to forget about her completely


I thought of how far I’ve come with her

Thought of how much influence she has wielded

Thought of the changes she has brought to my life

And I said…

There can still be a way!!

So into the labor room I went

After a few minutes of “pushing”

One word came to me and it was….


You can’t handle this issue your way’

Let me help you

Hand it over to me

I did in the spirit but it took another full week for my flesh

To completely yield

We spoke yesterday as friends

And I didn’t feel any ‘finickies’ towards her as before

I still love her

I still pray the Prov 31 Prayer over her and other Pauline prayers

I still do all this but I’ve mastered the emotion through God

And even though i don’t call her often or think about her often

She’s still on my mind

Only now I’ve Yielded the weight

and made a conscious choice to practice Heb 4:3-11

So let this be a lesson to y’all

Yield the weight and don’t be selfish

Why waste your strength and waste away for NOTHING?!!!!

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  1. This would have worked better as prose, den u wld hv bn able to expand it further

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