Writing Prompt April 8 – Shattered

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13 thoughts on “Writing Prompt April 8 – Shattered” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. Mr Ding was a successful man. His hard work, positive attitude to life and impeccable morals made him a success in his endeavors. His generosity made him loved and respected by all.
    Mr Ding being an Agnostic never thought much of afterlife…until he died and I dreamt of him in pain and agony, wailing what a shattered life he had lived!!!
    A shattered life is devoid of HIM.

    word count: 68

  2. This world is a trap, no ease using the exit door.
    We all sat locked under it -Baba’s shrine. “We need this money” Peter said. “Moreover to pay Mom’s hospital bill” he added to make me agree. I saw reasons with him. “Have you both made up your mind?” Baba asked. “Yes sir! Anything to have this money” I said innocently. “No more going back, or you die…go home and never be poor again…all I need is your mothers soul, for it her that you love must” tears rolled down my eye, I felt like strangling my brother to death. “Shattered” I concluded in pain.

    1. Could have made the story better, by seperating the dialogue from the main body of the work. It doesn’t add to your word count but makes your story have finesse

  3. Susan had lived a sheltered life.All she had ever known, growing up were following orders and obeying rules: no TV after 9 pm, no boyfriends, no late nights- the list was endless.

    So she relived the life she by creating stories and writing songs; all day and everyday.By the time Susan was 21 years old, her works occupied several shelves and caught the eye of a relative.In no time, several notable film makers and renowned musicians negotiated for the rights to the musings of her past.She unwittingly shattered every known literary records that existed.

    98 words.

    1. It’s creative but that advantage is lost in the fact this has a tacky end… That makes a story good or bad, the end (shout out to @drzhivago

  4. “Push!”
    Mama Ngozi bore down long and hard. Her face was drenched with sweat and her hair was soaked.
    Her thoughts drifted home. Ngozi and her sisters would be having breakfast, Eze her hunchbacked hubby would be at the shop. She had to have this baby, the doctors said it was a boy,a boy!
    She had her boy by 8:12 am.
    Ten minutes later he hadn’t cried
    “Madam, I am afraid your son didnt make it”
    Mama Ngozi didnt hear her, she had gone with her son.

    wordcount: 88 words

    1. Oh dear!!! Nobody at the hospital with her? Not even her husband???

  5. He held onto the cold little hands, watching as she signed out with punctured beats, then he cursed God.
    She had come in three years ago, a replica of his wife and to her he had given all the love in his heart; now she was gone.
    They always left him; those he dared open his heart to, always left a bigger hole than the last.
    Now, there was none to live for. Covering her up, he took a dive through the window of St Luke’s hospital and the sound of broken glass shattered the night’s silence.

    97 words

    1. @sibbylwhyte I like the beginning. Not so much the ending. The start was enough to make me wanna keep reading…the jumping thingy though………………………………

    2. Well, It incorporated the word shattered in a nice way. I guess its a tragedy and most people have enough in real life to want to read more in stories. Nice one.

  6. With his back to the wall of the ward, Tolu sat staring at nothing in particular.
    Different memories filtering into his mind unbidden. The ones most recurring included the last few hours before Boma’s complains of headache.
    Fast forward twelve hours here he was, wondering which old woman he or his parents had unknowingly offended.

    “The baby was too weak to survive” the Chief Matron had said.
    “Sorry about the loss of your wife, we did all we could” the Doctor had said.

    His life as Told knew it, had just shattered under twenty four hours.

    96 words.

  7. Halima and I stood outside the door to her bedroom listening. We could hear them on the spring bed as it thumped repeatedly.

    She brushed past me, running to the living room. I followed and saw her grab the nearest thing.
    ‘Smash!’ ‘Smash!’

    The stool went over and over on the flat screen TV. It sparked as it’s pieces broke off and fell. Tijani ran outside holding unto his shorts.

    “Halima!” He shouted with guilt ridden eyes. “Stop!”

    The TV was broken, but it was the shattered pieces of my sister’s heart that lay on the floor.

    (98 words)

    I know it’s late but I could not resist prompt. Comments welcome.

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