Writing Prompt April 1 – Fool Me Once

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Today’s prompt is

Fool Me Once

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6 thoughts on “Writing Prompt April 1 – Fool Me Once” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. “Your pleas fooled me once before, Dayo”; Lade said, looking down at him. “Not this time.”

    Dayo was on his knees, in front of her door, holding a bouquet of beautiful red roses. The red colour reminded her of blood, hers. It had flowed, mingled with glass bits that reflected light in red hues. They had both been jokingly arguing on whose handwriting was better. Things got out of hand and he had flung his bottle of coke at her.

    Touching her plastered head, she shut the door in his face; the banging sound resounding the finality of her decision.

    100 words.

  2. ‘Shame on you,’ Ifeoma screamed. ‘Marvel, shame on you. The house maid! Have you no class?’ She asked, as though his infidelity would have been forgiven if not for the house maid. Her voice, a pleasent alto, was now a rusty metal sound. Her head was swimming with emotions.
    ‘I’m sorry,’ Marvel apologised. ‘It’s the devil’s handwork. Please forgive me.’ It was cliché, but he could say no more.
    ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.’ Ifeoma said. ‘I won’t let it happen twice.’ And saying that, she held the door open, ‘Leave.’

    98 words.

  3. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    “Have you been told? shade”

    “What? Daye!, please stop disturbing me”

    “You will thank me for this”

    “I don’t think I owe you a thank for anything, it’s better you speak”

    “Okay, shey you hear say Jamb don shift go may 19th”

    “You don’t mean it. where did you hear that from?”

    “From NTA NEWS ”

    “you know you have fooled me once, I am not going to let this happen again”
    shade took her phone and start punching the button.
    Ready to call off course.

    “Hey stop it. That is another April fool, check-out for the third one”


  4. …..Hello?’
    ‘Hey Fresh, send her to The Midland Hotel in St. Peter’s Square, room 037’.

    An hour later….

    ‘Heeeeyy!’…… She was effervescent, bubble gum popping and winking lasciviously while making seductive gestures.

    Seizing her up, a scowl formed on his very yellow pimpled face.
    ‘Oops soz, Cherisse’ she said extending a hand.

    Wale couldn’t determine what’s worse, the masculine hand, the adam’s apple bobbing up and down or the horrible wig.

    As if on cue his phone rang, ‘Fresh, what tha fuck bruv?!’ . ‘Its pay back bitch, you fooled me once boy now you get yours. Deuces!’

    100 words

  5. Halfway across the room, she stopped short. Unfolding the wrapper, colour drained from her face. Papa who was staring open-mouthed, rushed towards us with the nurse following closely. She thrust Baby into Papa’s arms and holding onto the nurse, she whispered, “Pleeeaaase, fool me this one time”.

    I looked from Papa to Mama and made to right her yellowish arm which was hanging loose. She felt cold to the touch. I saw the nurse shake her head and somehow, my young mind processed the unspoken words.

    For the second time that day, I covered my face and screamed.

    Word Count: 98

  6. Felix was considered the class ‘imbecile’- he was big for his age, walked awkwardly and was slow to thought and speech. April fool’s day’s prank would suit him.

    On d-day, someone kept vigil at the door for Felix, who soon appeared.

    As soon as Felix opened the door, a pail of water spilled all over him, to rapturous laughter from all. He stood still, wet and dripping. Until he connected a perfect jab to the jaw of someone closest to him, who summarily fainted!

    “You all will fooo….ol me once annn…nd for the lass..st time” he said, to deafening silence.

    100 words.

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