The Final Path

Life is not long

Neither is it short

But in our minds

It is what we choose

We then may shoot

Into the far future

To pursue our aspirations

Wherein with certain fate

We may come to a destiny


If we live as we should

Not in the number sense

But in mere nominal tense

Today may nip at tomorrow

Yet with yesterday in the center

Not like a circle with its forces

Nor with a plain with its span

Just like a vector and its dimensions

Our ways is one and numerous

Numerous in path and in means

The final path is the destiny.




7 thoughts on “The Final Path” by Babalola Ibisola VABI (@Babalolaibisola)

  1. Nice poem, work on punctuating the poem though

    1. @elovepoetry, thanks. will take the ‘punct’ inot consideration.

  2. We may someday hear a voice behind, saying this is the way.
    May then be attentive enough to follow the lead!

  3. May our final path

    Lead us Home!

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