Note: don’t know if this can be classified as a poem, perhaps not traditionally, but hey… Still posted it!

Beautiful tapestry, my life was
Woven intricately and delicately
with coloured threads of sorrow and laughter,
depression and bliss.
All beautifully entwined to form
an aesthetically cascading piece.

Now I am tired.

I have poured myself out.

Now I am empty.

Lived a good and full life.

I remember the sorrowful times…
Hearing the flower vase shatter,
seeing the blood and glass intermingling,
“You’re a fool”
“You’re Crazy”
“I don’t know why I married you. You are nothing. Your opinions don’t matter.
Mine, my mothers’.
Slamming doors,
My Father,
His distance.

The good times.
God’s gift to me,
My light in the darkness,
Getting lost in his eyes,
opening up to him,
Like flowers to the sun.
“I don’t want to do this”
“Because I’m scared”
Widened eyes
“of me?”
“Not you… never you…Marriage…ME! Love I never had a good example you know.
“I will never hurt you… You’re my Life”
The relationship
The wedding
The marriage
The blazing of two hearts,
The melding of two people,
Two dreams, two hopes.
Giggling into his mouth.
Smoothening his brows.
Knotting his ties.
The warmth and strength of his arms.
A renewed hope
In love
…in marriage

The depressing times.
Missed deadlines
Working overtime
“This is rubbish!”
“Redo this document!”
“Get this done, I don’t care how!”
Parent’s failing marriage
Rumours of a salary cut
The sack letter
The miscarriage.
Unruly hormones.
irrepressible emotions.
Fear…of life
…of the unknown.

Blissful Times
Finding me.
God’s wonders.
Gazing at tiny hand and feet,
“I love you mum!”
Finishing a story.
“You’re really good”
“This is the best story I’ve read”
Winning the competition,
Getting published.
Shinning my little light.
Seeing his eyes in the crowd,
Spilling over with pride.
Seeing a smile,
Elicited by an action I did.
Biting into jelly filled doughnuts.
Chirping birds.
Laughter, Sunsets and sunrise.

A beautiful tapestry my life was.
I see that now.
Eternity calls.
The beeping sound,
Amidst the company of Friends and Families,
Ushers me home.

18 thoughts on “Tapestry” by Olan (@Olan)

  1. Ok,so…I’m not an expert in poetry;but I don’t think this was that bad. At least I understood it,which I can’t say for some other poens I’ve read. Nice try,lady. Kudos!

  2. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    this is good. it is a prose-like poem. it is acceptable in the feild of literature.
    nice work from you @olan.

  3. @basittjamiu thank you so much for categorising in. Prose-poetry. And thanks for you comments, they are always soo encouraging

  4. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    I don’t like long poems :p

    I sorry for you, but like they say… c’est la vie.

    Well done.

    1. @daireenonline why you sorry for me? :p lol. thanks for reading and commenting :)

  5. It is definitely poetry, and it is beautiful. keep it coming.

  6. @Olan.These are your thoughts tapered together beautifully. Well done.

    1. @writeman, its fiction, lol. Thank you so much for d comment :D

  7. I loved the story in this.

  8. @Olan…poetry is not some strait-jacketed domain…this is poetry…this is beautyful…this is captivating. Your poems always have this sense of honesty in them…this is no different…i sense real hopes and fears in there. This was well done. Do more.

    P.S.: If only you finish that jelly filled doughnut, na roforofo fyt go happin o! Sha send my own copy nah nah…lol

  9. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

    You painted a beautiful picture/story, it does not matter if this poetry or prose, this is literature well put together. More inspiration to you.

  10. @Olaedo thank you for reading :D @ayomitans thank you for your comment, as for the jelly doughnut I don’t send am go your mailbox, lol. @wordsfromuyi thank you so much for your comment. Its much appreciated.

  11. Not a fan of tags.

    This was nicely written. I love the ‘honesty’ in the writing. It read like you just wrote from the heart or wherever it came from.

    Keep it up. Your muse is working.

  12. I like the story. Wasn’t so bad depending on the reader’s level.

  13. @jaywriter thank you, just trying to make a field seem like a large shopping mall. @kaycee at last, lol. Thanks for the comment. “Depending on the reader?” Is it too simple or too complex? Thanks again.

  14. I like the story/poetry, especially the end. Nice write-up

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