Your face is the mother of the child

O! Nigeria; once again have I disclosed

your features, before I was called.

Truth is your womanhood, as mine is a child.

Sentimental shadowed me till bath

In warm difussion freezed, I stood birth.

Be still and know that i’ve come,

Weeping to be born again in resonance

Of sound and scar; cliping ringlet oval my face

Spotted around the curve-sight-seated my defence

In the just law court, thatch roof, there am Africa’s

Number one birth reincarnated evidence.

In the still warm womb; near your ulterus

I am called upon to showcase your features.

4 thoughts on “Reincarnation” by Onyia, Kingsley Chukwuebuka (@benson)

  1. Uterus not ulterus. Interesting.

    1. Thank you, for your correction.

  2. Did you edit this? I love line one, and four. The rest, however were just …!

    All the same, well done.

  3. I tried my best. I think next time, I got to be careful. Thank you.

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