No More

No More


I used to laugh as I watch you humans

Carrying on the way you do

Your walk and your talk

Amused me in times past

Served me the way I wanted

After a hard day’s operation.

My lieutenants keep bringing me reports

Added to the ones I can see

And frankly, it used to be glee

But now, it is the lower part of lee

The handshake has turned wrestle

And the play

Is no longer the dog’s way.

It has ceased to be funny

And I will bear it no more.

Like my father and God

I am nearly never surprised

But with you

I wonder who came to this earth first

Looks like I need brushing up

On strategy and tactics

But when did this start, anyway?

The accusations you rain on me by the day

Leave my mouth agape

I know I started  evil

And I inspire some

But remember I was once an angel, humans!

I was once beloved of the Father, humans!

I still have some shred of innocence, humans!

Without thinking you reel out the lie

Simply because you have me to tie

To my own father in confession

I put thoughts of that girl in your mind, granted

But you gave me the soil, on which I planted

But both in spirit and in cosmos

No rope has been created

That drags any body to the place of sin.

I was commissioned and instructed

To try and fail

Yet you humans disappoint me

And turn around to blame me?

No more will I tolerate your  accuses

Because I deal with whoever chooses

No more will I take

Your indictments..oh this banishment!

I beg Father day and night

Yet He chooses

Not to allow me

Say my own

Let me be punished

For what I know

But no!

I must bear the full brunt

Go the whole hog

For a partnered wrong?



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