Musings Of A Hustler (episode 18)

The shock caused by my revelation nearly threw Uncle Emmanuel off his chair.

‘Why would you wanna do that?’ He asked exasperated, almost screaming.

‘I‘ve thought about it and it’s in my best interest. Besides, with the way we are going, if I stayed back, it would be a matter of time before Aunt Mabel finds out the truth about us’. I replied calmly.

‘Forget about Mabel! I got her under control’ Uncle Emmanuel thundered.

‘I can’t dearie…I have thought about it thoroughly’ I replied adding a wet peck across his lips for small measure.

That seemed to calm his growing nervousness as he then lowered his tone and asked meekly;

‘So what becomes of me? Of us?’

‘Yea. I have also thought about that too. I ‘ll always try as much as possible to come around anytime you feel like seeing me and if you can too, we could always hook up in Lagos anytime you are around. Look @ d bright side. You can always have me without having to worry about prying eyes’ I said with a smile.

‘Hmmm. Ok. Not bad. Wetin e mean be say you go dey control me come Lag well well be dat o. With this your massive ass o’. He joked in pidgin. We both laughed.

“so when are you looking at moving and where do you intend staying? He enquired.

“Once I am able to get someone to rent my family house, I should move. I‘ll need the money to settle down. I hope that will be sorted out within a month though. I already told the agent to be on the lookout for people interested.” I explained.

“Wow! So you got it all figured out sef? Anyways, that means we still got one month together till you travel? He half asked, half declared.

“Yes. Thereabout. Why do you ask?” I asked looking lost.

“Means I still have you for the next one month and I intend making the best use of that one month starting from tonight”. He grinned, a naughty smile playing on his lips.

Tempted to play along, I resisted the urge till I cleared one last issue. (Not so fast!)

“Em…er…Emmanuel, you know settling down in Lagos will cost me a lot and I don’t expect the rent will be enough for me to settle down. Hope you ‘ll give me something when am going” I asked bashfully.

“hmmm…no qualms. Let’s see how it goes. I should be able to give you something” he said like my demand was more of an unwelcome distraction.

“Let’s go somewhere much cozier. I booked for a room where we can have time for each other exclusively” he said with a smile.

“You mean they have lodging facilities here also? I asked. Not like I was surprised he was going to try and have me that night.

Within a few minutes, Uncle Emmanuel had called one of the attendants who then led us to a room behind the Bar. The room was one of four rooms apparently prepared exquisitely for ‘special occasions’ like this. We entered the room and I was pleasantly surprised at how well furnished the room was. From the bedding materials to the doors and fittings, you could perceive a touch of opulence and taste. Within 5 minutes of settling down, the attendant returned with our unfinished drinks and we continued where we stopped at the bar. A few more drinks then I started becoming tipsy. We were sitting by the side of the bed then Uncle Emmanuel put his head on my laps. Like a zombie on reflex, I returned his gesture and I started playing with his hair.

My chuckles nudged by Uncle Emmanuel’s jokes had started reducing and words were becoming unnecessary.  Uncle Emmanuel started running his hands on the curves of my butts and I could feel goose bumps spreading all over me. Each touch he had on me had a an effect and I could not but respond to his touch.

He then slipped his hands inside my blouse and started rubbing the mounds of my clitoris. I was so horny and I couldn’t help but release a moan at his touch. Gingered by this, he inserted his hands inside me and started fingering me gently. I was very wet. He then used his other hand to press my nipples while continuing to finger me. I couldn’t wait for him to have him inside me. I whispered to him and said;

I want you. Come in”

With the speed of a bullet, he fully undressed and was about to insert his dick inside me when my phone rang. My first instinct was to ignore the damn phone but then I just decided to see who it was for what it’s worth. One glance at my phone and all the horny hormones inside me disappeared completely. It was Aunty Mabel.

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  1. Welcome back! Where have u been? @Ayoks. Still full of suspense.

  2. Hahahahaha damn Jenny you better leave this woman husband oh

  3. lol,well told story.Well done @success001

  4. As expected a well told episode…why take so long before publishing?.

  5. The hustle continues… AIDS is real o!

  6. Una cup go soon full,I pray make the wife catch una this time around,lol

  7. How come Jenny keeps forgetting Emmanuel is her uncle?
    And the uncle Emmanuel…God help his poor wife.
    Post soon o biko am really dying to see where this will lead.

  8. Sometimes I wonder…she was born to hustle ni, she just throws caution and conscience to the wind and jumps right in.
    Well done. $ß.

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