Lookout for Miss Right-Episode 29

This kiss was different from all others. It was gentle and sweet. It felt right. It was like the kiss I had given her while she was still in a coma, only that this one was reciprocated by her.
It didn’t last long, I think we realised ourselves and stopped. Still, we clung to each other…like if we let go, we would lose the magic in the moment.
“Jake…” She whispered. “What did we just do?”
I shushed her. I didn’t want to let go. I loved holding her in my arms, she fitted perfectly.
“We can’t do this.” She said again, her face buried in my chest. “It’s wrong.”
“Then why does it feel so right?” I asked softly.
She didn’t answer.
“It was a mistake.” She said after a while, pulling away from me. “Friends don’t kiss friends.”
“They do if they have feelings for each other.” I said.
She didn’t look at me. “We don’t have feelings for each other. We were just…happy. It was stupid to do that.”
“Flores…” I began.
She held up a hand to stop me. “Did you plan this? Is that why you came with gifts…to…to…”
“Stop it, Flores. I didn’t plan this, believe me.” I said.
“Then why would you kiss me…out of the blues?” She asked, still avoiding my eyes.
“I don’t know.” I replied truthfully. “It was spontaneous.”
“We are friends, Jake. Just friends. I have a boyfriend. This can’t happen again.” She said.
“Flores…” I was feeling stupid. I should never have kissed her.
“Go, Jake. Just go…and take your gifts with you.” She said, softly.
I stood. “I’m sorry, Flores. I shouldn’t have done that. I’ll go but please keep the gifts. They are sincerely from a friend. Please…”
She didn’t answer, so with one last look at her…I left. I felt like I had left a huge part of me in the hospital room. I had done something stupid and most likely lost a dear friend. How was I going to look Flores in the face again?
That wasn’t the most pressing matter on my mind as I left the hospital. Something more intense bothered me; I had enjoyed the kiss. If I got another opportunity, I knew I would do it again. What that meant, I had no idea. But I intended to find out. I only knew one thing; this was more than a kiss, whatever the hell it was, Flores had enjoyed it as much as I had. I don’t know why; but that gave me a certain satisfaction.
I didn’t tell anyone about what had happened between Flores and I, maybe because I was still trying to figure it out myself.
I found myself thinking about the kiss the whole week. At night I dreamt of Flores. In the day, thoughts of her filled my head. I felt like I was going crazy. I didn’t call her; because I had a feeling she wanted me to keep my distance. Staying away from her was one of the hardest things I’d ever done. Somehow, she had managed to infiltrate my thoughts in a way no woman had done before.
Oscar and Femi told me when she was discharged from the hospital, and as much as I wanted to see her…I didn’t dare. Something had changed in our relationship, whether or not we liked it.
Something strange happened that distracted me from thoughts of Flores for a while. I got a visit from none other than Chief Odeniran himself.
I was surprised to see him, when I had told Barbara that if he wanted to see me, he knew where to find me… I didn’t know he would take it literally.
I offered him a seat which he accepted with disdain. I could tell he was here for war.
“Do you know who I am?” He asked, cutting to the chase.
“Yes sir.” I replied.
“Do you really know?” He asked again.
This time, I didn’t answer.
“You…you dare keep my daughter locked up for a month. You don’t know how I can make life miserable for you.”
I knew he had run out of options, if not he wouldn’t have come in person to my house. Thus, he was making empty threats.
“Your daughter tried to kill me.” I said matter-of-factly. “She deserves to face the law for that.”
“She has been punished enough.” He said, barely controlling his rage.
“She has caused a lot of problems for me. I spent a lot on hospital bills just because of her.” I said.
“You will be compensated. Release her.” He growled.
“And what reassurance do I have that she won’t become a threat to me again?” I asked.
He stared at me, maybe trying to determine how much I knew.
“I assure you, you won’t hear from her again.” He said after a while.
I decided that I might as well make the best out of this situation; after all…he had made me go through a lot.
“Well, let’s talk about the hospital bills.” I said with a straight face.
Twenty minutes later we had reached a compromise. I had Sonia released the next day; dropping all charges. I forgot one little detail. Flores. She was involved in the Sonia case as well as I was and she needed to know any developments that came up. I messed up by not telling her.
Three days later, she called and asked to see me at her place. She didn’t give a hint about why she wanted to see me, but I got excited. Maybe she couldn’t stop thinking of me like I couldn’t stop thinking of her. Maybe she dreamt of me and the kiss we had shared at night. Maybe she had even gone on her knees like I had, begging God to take away the feelings that had begun to grow.
I don’t know how possible it is to look ravishing in jeans and a top; but she did. Everything about her intrigued me. I noticed her beauty now more than ever. I couldn’t stop staring at her.
“So…what’s up?” I asked, finally gathering my wits.
She was sitting on a couch opposite me. “What happened to Sonia?” She asked.
I was taken aback. I had never seen Flores this serious and distant before. Was this the same woman I had shared a kiss with a fortnight ago. “What do you mean?” I asked.
“You know what I mean. Sonia has been released. She’s no longer in police custody. Why?”
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you…but, I didn’t see the need keeping her locked up.”
“And you also didn’t see the need to inform me?” She asked in a low voice.
“Flores…” Her behaviour puzzled me.
She stood. “That woman almost killed me and you let her go scot-free?”
“She spent four weeks in police custody, Flores. You should have seen her. Isn’t that enough punishment?”
“How much?” She asked.
I rose to my feet too, she was beyond reasoning with. “How much what?”
“How much did he give you?” She asked.
I glared at her. “I’ll leave and come back when you’re in a better mood.”
“How about leave and never come back?!” She yelled. “I hate you, Jake!”
I stood, unsure of what to do.
“Get out!” She yelled again.
Without thinking, I pulled her into my arms to calm her. I noticed she was trembling.
“Let me go! Let go of me!” She fought me. “Traitor!”
When she continued fighting me, I did the only logical thing, I kissed her. It was a dumb thing to do, but also very logical. She resisted me at first, and then slowly, she quieted and subsequently kissed me back. Hard.
This time, the kiss was a prolonged one, like the ones I’d dreamt of at night. It felt wonderful to hold her in my arms again.
I ended the kiss this time.
“Why are you doing this to me?” I asked softly. “You’re driving me crazy…when I work, I think of you…I sleep, I dream of you. You’re in my head, my thoughts, everywhere.”
She didn’t answer, just looked away from me.
“Look at me, Flores” I ordered. “I know this is crazy but just look at me and tell me you feel nothing for me.”
I turned her face gently to look at me, it was then I noticed the tear stains.
“What is it, princess? Why are you crying?” I asked.
“Don’t ask me that, Jake. Whether or not I have feelings for you doesn’t matter.” She said quietly.
“Why not? We could start all over.” I said, hearing the desperation in my words.
She reached out and gently touched my face and the look in her eyes told me everything.
“It’s too late.” She said.
“I’m getting married.” She announced softly.

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    Anyway, this is a feel good story and we can all relate to it but I have this niggling feeling. I hope their ‘FRIENDSHIP’ can withstand any obstacle because they are now at that weird-awkward place.

  5. @schatzilein.Thanks for reading dear.
    @Olaedo.Lol. I thought you guys were gonna hate me for putting one more obstacle in the way of true love. Thanks a lot for reading and commenting!
    @Olan.Awww…glad I got your attention,dear. Thank you so much for reading!
    @Zikora.I think the part of Flores would suit you.Lol. You’re a darling! Mwaah! Emm…i don’t mind if you hook me up with a movie producer.

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    Well done

  17. @topazo.Yes sir.She isn’t that kind of girl. Thanks for making it a point of duty to criticise my work.Its well appreciated.Thank you!

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  19. @Mimiadebayo I still don’t know if I’m happy they are hooking up or not, but one thing is clear your series is really good.

    There are few errors like “out of blues” should be out of the blue. Also you tend to add some descriptives that I think are not needed. You should be able to show your reader and not always tell them what emotions are being felt.

    For example ““Your daughter tried to kill me.” I said matter-of-factly” I don’t see the need for the matter-of-factly

    But hey that’s me.

    Still Loving the story and like the way you are building the suspense.

    By the way I’m getting married doesn’t mean anything when it’s true love. True love will always prevail even though in this case I’m not sure if I want it to :)

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  21. @dkny111.Thanks for your observatioms.Will definitely do some work on it. Thank you for reading,liking and commenting.
    Read on…more awaits.

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