In the whole wide world

Or World Wide Web if you like

Kererenke is a song sung for Obi

“Obi is a boy” of course we know

But that does not mean

He would never grow


So, “Obi kererenke Obi…”

Is an exhortation for feats

Soldierlike expolits of a man

Who has bushes of beards

Sprouting  fearlessly on

His manly chest!


This song is not for fickle

Chicken-hearted fellows

Who speak like women

And fight like children

Nor for economic gluttons

Or political chameleons


‘Obi Kererenke’ celebrates Obi

Of course we know what I mean

Chanting his enchanting gestures

Gesticulating at more and better

That he drinks water after all

To cleanse his immolated voice

4 thoughts on “Kererenke!” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. Nice one again @ostar.
    But, abeg, wetin be “expolits”?

  2. @ostar… This is simple though ostarish. Someday, we will sing the kererenke for you too.
    Expolits should be exploits.
    Well done, Ken. $ß

  3. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

    message taken. good read!!

  4. @kaycee “explolits” is a slip of eye lol
    Dalu Onye nke m!

    @sibbylwhyte thanks for the signature $ß! I consider it a quintessential mark of quality.

    @wordsfromuyi you’re welcome

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