Hands Of Time

The possibility of unlimitedness of chronometry
The seemingly endless entity avowed
That has been the meter of existence
Has its strength in its irreversibility

Time, an end in the context of existence
Sets man on an unstoppable forward motion
As if time is a conquerable element
That man could one day put in the aft

Aye! Until eternity reigns
Time will always stay in the fore
An endless chase, like a mist to man
Because while man sleep, time kicks on

Of its yesterday constituents or contents
Men often looked back with the mouth agape
Hoping against hope at the dawn of reality
How possibly for the hands of time to be reversed

For time to be made to stay still
That more may be done with a new drill
To target a new game for a fresh kill
Such venture I dare at will

Its surely today far incomprehensible
Seemingly beyond the reach of mortal ken
A man with a well fastened scull for adventures
Will nonetheless reach beyond the ken of time

The Orchestrator of the first tick of second
Undoubtedly knows the exact frame of revolution
On the broad chronomic board of the universe
That will bring the last second to the beginning!

How fortunate will be the man
That witnesses the very last chime of time
But far greater a euphoric moment
For the man that lives beyond the reign of time

Translated, aye, into endlessness
Where no count is countable
Where no memory needs to be kept
Right in eternity chronometry is forever lost!



11 thoughts on “Hands Of Time” by Babalola Ibisola VABI (@Babalolaibisola)

  1. Verbose discourse doth not encourage emotional interpretation of the literary writings theme by the peruser.

    1. many thanks to you @nicolebassey for perusing the write up.

      Well this has got to be one of those many things that a poet has to endure. We try to harmonize literary brevity with expressive message without losing much flair of our own inner menu.

      Lets hope my next presentation yield such a complete harmony.

      A sunshine day, for Nicole! lol.

  2. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

    @Babaloloibisola time is indeed forever, so is origin. Your work here is truly immense, so I have read and listened to your discourse on time. More kudi to your agbada.

    1. lol @wordsfromuyi. I will prefer a babariga for the kudi o. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. We may put our phones, with time shining on their screens, in our pockets. We may strap our watches to our wrists. We will never trap time.

    Some powerful lines here. Still, you can make this easier for the mind.

    Well done. Keep refining your craft.

    1. Thanks a bunch @chemokopi, we’ll never be able to trap time!

      And for the mind; Behind the lines lives the the life. It is ocean deep, and I am happy to see response from a deep mind like you!

  4. ‘Time is timeless’
    The natural man thought.
    To the spiritual man
    Is the endless forever
    Of sure eternity!
    Where there shall be no trace
    Of an entity call time!

    1. If the sun can set
      It surely can rise
      The likes of Adam assert

  5. I did not get the gist until towards the end. But I loved it because it’s truth re-written as truth.

  6. @Sharon , that’s good, getting the gist eventually!
    Thanks for stopping by.

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