Goodbye Lover.

Goodbye Lover.

For I so loved you,

Beyond letters and words,

I promised you a future with beautiful babies too..

Your meals I would cook,

Awaiting your arrival, before 19 ‘o’ clock,

Your happiness was my pride, for I so loved you..

But you broke my heart, into a piece or two,

Without regrets or signs of remorse,

Yet I fought for you, and our future babies too..

Battered, beaten, shattered and bruised,

Too much to lose, with little less won,

I knew I didn’t belong with you, though I so loved you..

Enough is enough, too tired to be a fool,

Can’t live for hate, won’t die for love,

Goodbye Lover, forget the future and my babies too..

Our memories will tell the truth,

How I never stopped fighting for us,

For even when I so loved you,

You couldn’t have my future nor my babies too..

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Lover.” by Me (@dr2103)

  1. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Ah, a lady with a weird name, and weirder bio still…

    I enjoyed the poem. How women suffer us fools is beyond comprehension.
    Kudos on a well written poem. I related.

  2. our memories will tell the truth…
    nice one.

  3. I liked this poem of bitterness and sadness, especially because of some of the phrases like

    Can’t live for hate, won’t die for love


    Battered, beaten, shattered and bruised,

    I wouldn’t have repeated the lines about ‘future’ and ‘babies’ so frequently, though.

    Well done, @dr2103.

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