Fare well, Chinua Achebe

He comes uninvited like the wind,

blood and nature feels its countenance,

no one placates its wrath when rekindled,

even the most formidable defense crumbles at his feet,

haughtiness is one of its attribute.

Oh! How I hate and detest him,

Perfidy lingers with its movement,

dines with the rich, feast with the affluent.

He is so arrogant that he takes at will,

respecter of no man,

who knows when he will come for me?

I pray am ready.

Fare well Chinua Achebe

3 thoughts on “Fare well, Chinua Achebe” by Eminefoh (@Eminefoh)

  1. I like it – but I feel it does not quite do justice to the title. It’s supposed to be about the late great…but rather, it’s about death.


  2. it’s more about the cold hands of death. I speak of the the death that killed him, the leveler.I speak of his jealousy and educate us that no one is above death, like we would say no one is above the constitution of a country. It was death that took him away, so it’s it I have issues with.

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