Dine with me

Dine with me

From the depth of my heart I call to you
In expectation I look to you
Please rise from your slumber and heed my call
Jail me in your prison
Handcuff me with your chain of silence
Possess me
Air my ear with your whisper
Beat in my heart of life
Walk in my legs of movement
Think in my brain of thought
Speak in my mouth of speech
Look in my eyes of sight
Kidnap me from my world
Naked me in your den
Burry me in your arms
Dig out the gold in me
Dip me in your sea
Rob me of my innocence
Rape me of my sanity
Take my all, dominate me
Sleep with me, control my thought
Please take over my mind
Reign in my heart
Take charge of me, make me yours
House me, let me feed on you
Wounded on this battlefield I lie
For my confidence on you I rely
Raise me up, high to the sky
Rain on me, I’m more than dry
I’m ill than illness
Poorer than poverty
I’m broken than potsherd
Shattered than battlefield
Oh I’m almost finished, please come back to me
I’ve walked miles to get myself painted with your smile
I’ve sipped ink all in hope to sink in you
Come and seal the deal
The meal of the deal is ready
It’s all for you,
The greenish vegetable of fertility
Impregnate me with a new you
I’m ready to born to life
To nurse the new you that will speak through me
Oh cloth me with your flesh
Rap me with you
Shield me from my world
Oh words in lines and verses
Sprout in me like flower in vases
It’s been ages I spoke on your stage
Please flow in my vein of blood
Oh I don’t just need you
I love you
I love it when you take me away
To your world of words
Oh I’m more than in love with you
I will shout this to the world
This ecstasy that erases my sleep
This medicine that cures my illness
This drink that intoxicate me out of me
This food that feeds me to pulp
Oh I’m totally in love with you
I love it when with silence you take charge of me
please come and taste this stew
The stew of creative procreation
Dig in to me let me procreate
To give the mirror of you
The replica of you
I love you word
I really love you
Words in line and verses
Please come again and dine with me

3 thoughts on “Dine with me” by Admin2 (@admin2)

  1. I like what you tried to do with this – but I think it would have benefited from some proper structuring and development. I think.

    Look to these lines:

    “I’m ill than illness
    Poorer than poverty
    I’m broken than potsherd
    Shattered than battlefield”

    I’m iller than any illness
    Poorer than poverty
    I’m more broken than a potsherd
    More shattered than any battlefield

    They need qualifiers – you’re comparing.

    Nice one.

  2. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    nice one.
    You have to keep doing this and never felt a thing.

  3. @tola4word,

    Welcome back.

    I would have liked this more if it was shorter – the poem goes on for far too long on the same theme.

    There are expressive phrases like “Jail me in your prison”, but I didn’t understand “Walk in my legs of movement” – what is a ‘leg of movement’?

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