For every man to achieve the purpose for which he was created, he needs determination to succeed and achieve his dreams and vision even in the face of hardship. Life itself is a total phenomenon, to be lived to the full. It is something unique, seen as a very beautiful gift to be enjoyed, an indescribable beauty, brief and transient to be lived, reflected upon and enjoyed.

Sometimes, it might be considered a risk. Many a rational mind takes a risk with a calculation of proportionality to the expected rewards. The higher the level of reward expected, the higher the risks and dangers one is prepared to take. It is not where you are now that makes you what you are but what you overcame to be where you are. Determination keeps you going, it spurs you on to achieve your life’s dreams. However, never embark on projects that you can never conclude but if you must begin then go all the way because if you begin and quit, the unfinished business you have left behind will haunt you for all of the time. The path of success is like getting onto a train that you cannot get off, you ride on and on.

Life is also a battlefield. You need to be a fighter to live, not just exist. Anybody can exist, but with the determination to succeed, you can set yourself on the path of unlimited greatness. This is because there is always room for those who are determined to get to the top. Never be afraid of failure, try your efforts when faced with failure and difficulties. This will make you a master strategist. Also, take into consideration that great men were not people who never failed in life, but people who whenever they failed had reasons to rise again. One more trial may bring you to the verge of success only when you have a vision which you are determined to achieve.

Nothing can stop you from succeeding or getting to the height you wish to attain. If you think you can succeed, you will, because you are the seed that decides the harvest around you. There is no crown for the crowd; it demands an individual identity which can be   achieved through personal efforts and determination.

Remember that determination is one of the keys to success. Resolutions   without an action will end up in frustration, but resolutions backed up by positive actions will produce a revolution. Always pursue your goals with an unquenchable passion. God bless you as you do this. It is well with your soul in Jesus name (Amen).

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  1. Determination indeed.

  2. wow. it is an high lifting moment to read through. nice motivational speeches.

  3. wow. it is an high lifting moment to read through. nice motivational speeches. indeed, I have been motivated to be successful. I am determined to make it.

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