Clitoria, the faithful gate keeper
The cheerful usher of seeds
En route the fallopian factory
To continue the human race
After nine seasons.

Two streak separates the
Journey from the venue
Where many are born
That entrance of ecstatic pleasure…
On hard-gentle pokes from the opposite
Ushering to the land called rapture!

Yet, many have gone from there…
Beyond the clouds,far into eternity.
Others have been cut short;
Many truncated still,
The power a woman wields.

Many sell to keep body and soul
Others natural feelings unfeigned
Causing many wars across history
And still doing painfully…
Between friends and brothers,
Between nations and continents;
The power a woman wields

But hear the creator’s manual at a halt:
Follow not your Clitoria to lethal ends
But as the Lysistrata of this generation!

10 thoughts on “Clitoria” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. Hmm an Ode to the female genitalia. Thanks for sharing.

  2. thanks for reading

  3. Hehehehehehehehe *cough* *cough* *cough*..

    Nice…*cough* tribute…*cough*…

    1. hmmm…clears throat…uhmm ihmm…. yeah… why the cough? hope not the same reason i clear my throat sha?@Seun-Odukoya

    2. Why you dey clear your throat na? You must talk oooo.

  4. sincerely, i have been waiting for this, after the Erection caution. this is beautiful….erection more challenging though.

    1. Yes, @owseaman a close friend said the same thing.Perhaps because ‘Erection’ was more spontaneous.Besides, I had to ask some questions from close female friends to achieve some heights here, afterall I am not a woman. Thank you man.I look forward to reading your works ooo.God bless.

  5. kevin (@kevindkind)

    Hmmmm! Indeed, this is a world where many a man, turn VULNERABLE and look helpless like a child. But can u blame them? The clitoria, is where they came out from. Hence, man will do anything to go back in there. Ladies, i hope u understand now. Nice work bro

    1. Well don’t misunderstand my intention ooo. I hope you got the message? Thanks for reading.

  6. @sambrightomo, this is excellent!

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