Beware of Closed Doors

Beware of Closed Doors

In Yoruba language there is a saying, ‘eni to lori, ko ni fila; eni to ni fila, ko lori,’ literally meaning, ‘no man can have it all.’

The undoing of man is the incessant way we scratch our heads, biting deep, in search of what we do not have. We pierce our hearts, craving to be like Mama Titi, and savor all we see behind the closed doors of Mama Titi’s house.

Pause and think…

Do you really know what transpires in the cold waiting room beyond doors closed? Closed doors are the greatest deceivers – masks – refusing to unveil the divergent colors of men. Closed doors wall-up the ways we can sieve through hearts. They shut us off completely, dropping little crumbs of what others want us to see at their doorsteps. Then, we begin to dream of the pleasurable taste of their lives because we see the masquerades. We become deeply lost in the crumbs that we forget to look a little deeper. We get lost in their sweet tasting words; we forget to ask more questions.

Questions that may break down the doors concealing wet pillows, red scars and broken down dreams. These doors always stand tall refusing to pave the way into Mama Titi’s house.

Beware of wanting what you see behind Mama Titi’s closed doors.

Beware of closed doors

We judge so easily; we take pictures of what others want us to see or allow us see. We say she has the perfect job, life, husband and family; forgetting that our vantage point is limited. The funny part is, if we understand another person’s challenges, we may never wish to wear their shoes.

Be grateful for your problems.

Be thankful for your blessings.

Beware of jealousy, it sips in bitterness.

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  1. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    true talk and strictly to the point. Nice lines weldone!

    1. @basittjamiu, Thanks for reading. Appreciate your comment.

    1. @olan thanks for reading.

  2. Nice line of thought.

    Mostly true, but not always, loooooool.

    1. @jaywriter, yes definitely not always true. There are exceptions to every rule. Thanks for reading.

  3. @Shally-Ashimi well-penned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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