All Men Are Not Equal

Despite all you’ve heard, or been taught, the truth is that all men are not equal.

I will base my arguments on three incidents that happened recently.

The first incident happened on Monday, 15th April 2013. A bomb went off close to the finish line at the Boston Marathon in the United States of America, and three people lost their lives, while hundreds of others were injured.

Immediately after that incident, there was a massive outpouring of grief from

all over that country. And even the rest of the world stood solemnly by America with many world leaders sending condolence messages.

The government deployed all the technology and manpower at its disposal to track down the people behind the bombings. In no time, it was discovered that two young brothers, were behind the act.

USA did not under rate those “kids,” rather they shut down a whole city and went after the brothers in full force.

With the volume of media attention that was given to the bombing, you would have thought a whole country evaporated off the surface of the earth.

In the long run, the elder brother was killed, while the younger one was cornered in a boat where he was hiding.

After he was captured, even though he (or his brother) had killed a police officer during the pursuit, he was taken to the hospital and given medical attention. (We all know what would have happened if it was Nigeria).

The second incident happened on Saturday, April 20th, 2013, in the Sichuan province of China. An earthquake struck, and as at the last count, 189 people were dead, with the death toll likely to rise.

Now, let’s do a quick maths.

3 is not even up to 5% of 189, yet more attention is been paid to Boston than to Sichuan province. LIVES ARE NOT EQUAL.

The third incident happened on the 18th March, 2013 in Kano, Nigeria. Persons suspected to be Boko Haram terrorists bombed a full bus in a garage killing over twenty people. Also in Kano, over 150 were killed in January 2012. Enough of this killings abound in Nigeria, but rarely do they trend for more than a week before the news fizzle out.

Four undergraduates of UNIPORT were gruesomely murdered in October 2012 because they were alleged to be thieves. They were paraded round the town naked and beaten, stoned and eventually burned to death just because someone accused them of stealing. Yet the boy that detonated a bomb in America that killed 3 people and injured lots of others was taken to the hospital for treatment after capture. A Judge later went to his bedside to explain what he was been charged for, also advising him not to talk if he felt anything he would say would implicate him. LIFE IS NOT EQUAL.

We shouldn’t deceive ourselves; life is not a Stephen Spielberg production, and it doesn’t always end well. We were all created equal but circumstances make us to become unequal to fellow men.

I just wish our leaders and country people are following the story of the Boston bombing, and see the value placed on human life.

And I hope, that for once, they’d start replicating that caring attitude to Nigerians too.


8 thoughts on “All Men Are Not Equal” by tofarati (@tofarati)

  1. I think this could have been more interesting. You narrated heavily-emotion charged situations with a detachment that made it seem like a news report. You failed to actively engage us.

    And also – what you’re asking is IMPOSSIBLE. Trust me – even you don’t want life to be equal. Imagine we all were students and graduates of medicine. Just imagine that.


  2. @Seun-Odukoya…your point is taken, thank you. However, I do want life to be equal, and it can be- it should! A graduate of medicine and a carpenter may be unequal by virtue of their payslip, but they are equal and should be treated as that outside of the laboratory and theatre.

  3. @tofarati.Life is not equal.Americans fought for independence.Nigeria did not fight.She was given it on a platter.All the ”heroes” of our Nation went to meetings in Britain and we were given independence..

  4. this is true but i don’t like the flippant way you handled the issue; as if the lives didn’t matter to you. anyway you are a Nigerian.

  5. All fingers are not equal.

  6. All men are equal in God’s eyes. But in man’s eyes we are not. What the writer of this piece is asking for a fair, humane society. You do not cut off your thumb because it is smaller than your third finger.

  7. George Orwell was not mistaken on that, all men are equal but some men are more equal than some lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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