All Animals are Equal…

All Animals are Equal…

All animals are equal

Says the writer

But some are more equal than others,

He wisely concluded.


Last night,

Yes, the night before this morning light,

I had a plight.

It was a sleepless night,

For a neighbor,

-a she-goat.


She bleated and cried around,

Her pain became unbearable

For she walked about,

Like a cursed bird in flight,

I thought the goat had a plight,

But couldn’t ask her cos I was a-fright.


Now its morning!

I asked the owner the cause for the alarm

But she told me the alarm for the cause,

For this goat-Alamu,

Lost a 2-week old kid,

In an accident

To an inanimate car,

I hoped the car had a scar,

Alas! Twas without a scratch.


Since this goat suffered this mischief,

She cried about uncontrollably,

But for the intermittent catch of breath,

And when I was regale of her plight

I pitied her but didn’t cry,

Though almost I got my voice cracked,

Because the goat’s owner,

Was also at grief

-for the loss of the animal.


In the spirit of the grief,

Our beloved dog, Sparko,

Who used to be on rampage for chickens and goats,

Couldn’t a bark uttered,

Cos I guess,

The goat ‘telepathied’ her grief to the hater-dog,

Which made him reserve his rampage for another day,

I hope it won’t be long, dear Sparko.


When I looked for a sign this morning,

How it was possible for the goat to escape her leash,

Then I came to discover,

She pulled and pushed the lock on the leash,

Alas!she broke free to freedom,

To lament the loss of her child.


Then I said,

It used to be the dog that had such aggression to open the gate-the leash,

Now, the goat know the power of aggression,

But our dear dog lost it,

Cos his leash has been reinforced

What an Easter treat!

-sorry Sparko, such is human.

For no matter how hard you push and pull,

The leash is not gonna give way!


Do you remember the adage,

Ise eniyan ni ise eranko?

To wit, animals are akin to human?

There was a dad and his boy in a car,

Going on a trip I guess,

That they had an accident,

And the car was really dent,

The father managed to crawl out of the messed dent,

Leaving the beloved son in the dent,

When the truth dawned on him

-about the imminent danger of his son,

He grew macho, and turned incredible hulk,

He upturned the car,

and the boy was rescued.

When asked to perform the mighty deed once performed

(after the whole incident)

He couldn’t.

And that is the power of aggression,

That woke me up through the night,

Only by an aggressive goat.


In summary,

Ise eniyan ni ise eranko,

We cry, they cry,

We sorrow, they sorrow,

We laugh, I don’t know if they do sha,

What do you think?

-the pain in her bleat.


I find tongues in books,

I find words in tears,

I find volumes in animals

I find passion in inanimate,

In the mouth of the weakling,

I am its utterance.

The musings of the persistent goat.

7 thoughts on “All Animals are Equal…” by owseaman (@owseaman)

  1. All animals are indeed not equal

    1. Just seeing your comments….its just that the Philosopher didn’t really give his subjective definition of ‘equality’. thanks for going thru.

  2. from the title of the poem, I knew there is more to it than the title. the first stanza did not betray my emotions, when I discover the irony in the title from “But some are more equal than others,” indeed all animals are equal.

    1. lols… thanks for going thru all the same… seeing the irony on time…. lols

  3. Inequality in zoology . Thanks for sharing.

    1. @nicolebassey, congrats on winning the writing prompt… guess the philosopher may be correct afterall

  4. George Orwell has great followers ooooooooooooooo NICE renditions!!!!!!!!!!

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