34 lines

What manner of love is this?
Can’t tell its depth or its width
It moves to tears just thinking of it
That 34 lines
Was all it took to get me here

He drew 34 lines in the sand
And sealed it His blood and last breath
Who is He?
He is…
A metaphor to the Psychologist
A compass to the Lost
A husband to the Widows

He is…
The mirror who wouldn’t lie
The Book that won’t Burn
He is…
My 34 lines
My friend
Jesus the MTN of my life

Y’all need Him too

He’s just a prayer away

stop playing God cos you’ll always be a pawn

One thought on “34 lines” by Angelah Carson (@Katarah)

  1. Very lovely poem, the last line though seems misplaced, how did you know he drew 34 lines?

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