Writing Prompt March 15 – My Oga at the Top

Writing Prompt March 15 – My Oga at the Top

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My Oga at the Top


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8 thoughts on “Writing Prompt March 15 – My Oga at the Top” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. I was in a foul mood because the application I had filed at a government agency had not been treated. So as I made my way to its offices, a man bumped into me at the lobby and received the full measure of my wrath.

    The receptionist fared no better.

    “Madam, you will have to re-apply and pay the necessary fees again” she said smugly.

    Livid with rage, I demanded to speak to her boss.

    “You want to see my oga at the top abi?” she asked as she pointed in his direction.

    It was the man from the lobby!

  2. No be say I no like school, but I tire as them too dey use me for example.

    Today I sit don for class dey mind my own business when teacher call me.

    “Bomboy, Bomboy, what is the answer to the question?”

    “Sorry Ma, repeat the question?”

    “What is the winner of a presidential election called?”

    Wait nah joke? How teacher go ask this kind simple question? Even my classmates dem, dey look me like mu mu

    “That one easy now, Ma. The answer nah, Oga at the Top.”

    My people I wrong? So why them come dey laugh me?

    100 words

  3. “carol, wetin do you? why your face dull like this na? who die?

    ” this one pass death o, my sister”

    “shuo! why you dey talk like this na?”

    “why I no go talk like that?! when person no get job, where e wan take get money to chop? no be to die remain? ”

    ” I no understand you o”

    “shey you never hear ni?”

    “hear what?”

    “they wan sack three secretaries by month ending”


    “sack, retrench, retire, na same thing”

    “where you take hear that one?”

    “na oga at the top talk am o”

    94 words

  4. ‘Garuba!’

    ‘Yes sa!’

    ‘Make you mind ya sef o!’

    ‘I dey min am small small oga.’

    ‘You dey craze? Na me you dey use left side of mouth dey reply?’

    ‘No vex oga’

    ‘Na how much come bring come today?’

    ‘Na only eight hundred o! The kin people wey dey drive moto today sef….’

    ‘Dat one no concern me o! We go share am equal. I go take two hundred, you go take one’

    ‘Haba oga, na who go take the remain five hundred?’

    ‘Abi you mad? You don forget oga at the top?’

    (94 words)

  5. The air was still and quiet. The torturer held a bloody club.

    ‘You’d better talk,’ he snorted. ‘Who sent you?’

    Adamu remained silent but he knew it would last till the club began to land on him. He merely shifted uneasily on the wooden chair and squeezed his face.

    It came slowly at first, but doubled in quick succession. Only Adamu’s loud wailing overshadowed the gbim-gbim sound of the club on his back.

    ‘Yee!! I have die oh!’. More blows on his face and chest.

    ‘I will talk eh! Its my oga at the top.’
    Then, he passed out.

    Word count: 99

  6. Admin Note: This submission is not eligible to win because it is over 100 words. However, you may still vote for it if you like it.

    Mike Effa @ mikeeffa
    I was late for my appointment on the island.

    the appointment was scheduled for 2.30pm and i was just leaving iyana- ipaja.

    i looked at my wristwatch, it was already 1.30pm

    “wao” i exclaimed in alarm, moreover when i recalled the oshodi traffic.

    shortly i reached oshodi and like i feared i ran into a terrible traffic

    “oh my God! what do i do now?” i asked no ome in particular

    suddenly a thought came into my mind and i decided without weighing the pros and the cons to implement it.
    pulling from the long queue i sped on with intention of making a quick turn to my right. but it all ended in a flash when i ran into some Lastma officers trying to control the trafffic.

    “mr man why did you do that?” the official asked as he entered my car

    “i am sorry” i stammered hoping he will be lenient

    but to no avail

    “drive to our yard” he ordered

    bros please now” i pleaded

    all my pleas fell on deaf ears, we got into the yard and i drove inside and killed the engine

    “old boy help me now” i tried one last attempt

    “too late, see that man talk to him, he’s my oga at the top” so saying he walked away as the gate was shut.

  7. I returned from the errand and much earlier than expected. The main door leading to the office of the Professor was locked behind, however my own door, as his secretary was not. I imagined oga must have forgotten to lock it since he had told me before I left that he wouldn’t be back for an hour.
    From my office, I began to hear moanings from the main office. Driven by curiosity, I barged into the main office only to find a female student stripped naked on oga’s table and my oga at the top was on top.
    97 words

  8. Up there, presiding over the stack of old newspapers on the shelf, hangs what he calls “my oga at the top”. He plants one leg on the window sill and heaves his weight – which is quite negligent, compared to his brother’s – up till he can see the shelf’s top. The other leg hangs in the air. He wipes the framed picture of Jesus with the damp rag, the effect of each arced stroke on the dust reminiscent of slowly pulling back curtains in the morning to let the new day in.

    Word count: 91.

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