Time In A Bottle – Ilerioluwa (senga)

Time In A Bottle – Ilerioluwa (senga)


I did time once

Yeah, I did time in a bottle

Locked up in the green ones

And the keys thrown down the bottom

Flaming stream coursing through my body

Liquid fire left my eye balls cranky and swollen


I did time in a bottle

Held captive within belly of the one-eyed beast

Drowned in its tears and shriveled away from its heat

Praying to be freed of its poisonous kisses

Fighting to escape its touches that freezes

No one would swim in to get me

So I took one last swallow and broke out

A few nights of liberty

Sweet glorious freedom in clear-headedness

My feet getting steadier

And my thoughts flying quirkier

As I soar majestically with dignity among the community of sober men

Now I could see my kid

And there’s just one of her

Not the 3 that I see every night

Just before the fights

Just one sweet little kid

Not the three with 2 laughing at me

And the one in the middle crying for my

…always ended up beating the 3 into one tiny whimpering thing anyways

Before taking the fist to her mother just like yesterday

I found the sun wasn’t all that bad for my eyes

I didn’t have to wake up needing a pack of ice

All was left in the dark and slime

While I did time in the bottle

My woman, never a two headed monster

Can’t imagined why I’d ever hit her

Can’t imagine why I’d ever hit her

The shame of captivity

Oh sweet sweet taste of sustained sobriety

So I felt like I was a man once again

And didn’t need to hide from my pains

I just move on and smile even when it rains

Yeah, I thought I was out of time in the bottle

But when the euphoria dissipates

And I long for that sour green taste

Fought so hard that this time I won’t all be a waste

But I could only hold on for a few more days

Before running back to the bottles tipsy embrace.



8 thoughts on “Time In A Bottle – Ilerioluwa (senga)” by ilerioluwa (@ilerioluwa)

    1. wow, the big man on NS took out time to read my piece, really encouraging.thanks man.

  1. Nice message.

    1. thanks for reading the piece. hope the message was clear?

  2. Interesting flow in this piece.I like the message too. Nice one

  3. kevin (@kevindkind)

    That was nice! “time in the bottle”, i wish we could hold time some day. May be science, will do justice to that some day

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