Then I Know Where You Are

Then I Know Where You Are



If either by luck or sheer
Coincidence you find yourself somewhere
Where people buy new car with no manual

Where crude herbal cures cure malaria
Quicker than modern

Where otapiapia
Sends insects and rats faster
To heaven than other
Insecticides from our lousy manufaketurers

Where people wait till Easter
Before they substitute their
Incessant feeding of amala
With chicken, fried rice and salad

Where murderers murder
And spend more than hour
To leave a trace there
But no one seems to care

Where minority enjoys jacuzzi and spa
While majority of men waste away at
Night in bamboo bar
As to water the gutter
The street and fences with excretal
As to create a urine atmosphere

Pot belly mafias govern people here and there
And at the federal tier
Men are minister for women affair

If you find yourself there
My friend
You need not be scared
For you’re in a third world country.

samuel c enunwa

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  1. @topazo and @kaycee i appreciate d fact dat u aways read my post and tell me your mind. Tnx alot im always using your suggestions to make amendment. Pls if you hav blogspot let me know so i can share it with my followers on twitter, they luv poetry alot.

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