The Short Story Challenge From Chinyere Obi-obasi

One of the reasons why I am a hit with my children is because of my fertile imagination. So while telling the story of Joseph and Portiphar’s wife, I tell them for example that Portiphar’s wife represents a female or male boss who wants to take advantage of you and believes he/she has the ability to sack you whenever he/she feels like it. Joseph represents you with the fear of God. You believe God will establish your home even if you are sacked. Develop a short story by situating the story of Joseph’s encounter with Portiphar’s wife in modern times. Best entry will get a prize from me. Spread the word. All entries will be published in my blog. TIP: You can read about this Joseph/Portiphar’s encounter in Genesis to appreciate it before writing.

1. Open to all ages
2. Not more than 2,000 words.
3. Send to me via
4. Closing date for receipt of entry 20th April, 2013
5. Short bio data to accompany entry

6. Winner will be selected by Dr. Eghosa Imasuen
7. Winner will be announced on 1st May 2013
8. The prize is a digital voice recorder.

If I was taking part, this is what I will do;

1. Read the story from the bible to understand and appreciate the woman’s obsession and Joseph’s trauma. Try to capture their emotional state of mind.
2. To replicate it in modern times, I will think of all the superior/subordinate relationships. Father/child, boss/colleague, pastor/member, landlord/tenant etc. A relationship where you have a lot to lose when you say no.
3. I will not just think of sexual relationship. I can think of something that has to do with somebody asking me to do something unethical.
4. I will then do the plot of three of such different scenarios.
5. I will spend another day thinking of which I am more comfortable with.
6. I will then ask myself which voice i want to use. The 1st, 2nd or 3rd person voice.
7. I will then do the first draft early in the morning or whichever time is convenient to me
8. Then do the second and third draft.
9. Use pro writing to edit the work to remove cliches lurking around, excessive use of a particular work, sticky sentences etc.
10. Send it to a critic for his assessment and help.
11. Take some or all of the corrections or advice and rewrite.
12. Keep the draft for a few days. Look at it again for mistakes before sending it off.

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  1. This is nice.
    Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. Very nice concept. The suggestions are also very welcome.

  3. I am interested. Thanks for the suggestions1

  4. adams (@coshincozor)

    ideas of what to write on! nice one. there are too many things to write on but no time!

  5. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Excellent suggestions! Thanks for sharing.

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