Blessings from a Bird [Part 2]

Blessings from a Bird [Part 2]

For the prequel [Part 1] titled “The Morning Bird,” click here 

The land of Ododo engaged the night with tales ringing out and legs moving relentlessly. The women sang loud and swayed their hips with perfected skills. Huts were dappled with the glow from the glorious red moon. Young ones sat on their fathers laps with their eyes wide open listening to the tales of Ododo. Laughter was evident from a selected few who listened as the town whisperer told the tales of the tortoise and the rabbit. While all these events occurred, a man in red sat on a hill nearby, setting his unperturbed gaze on the land of Ododo. He was the man with no name. He was tall, his face strong, and his eyes were filled rage and love. His body was muscularly thin and well built; structured with a deep craftsmanship.  His eyes fought the thick darkness to watch his beautiful village in quiescence. This was his land, a land he cared deeply for; from the time of his birth to the time he came to know manhood, he knew his destiny was to protect the land of the Ododo.

As the village lavished in merriness, the man in red caught a glimpse of a deep blue light moving effortlessly through the forest. He had seen this particular mystery long ago, so before even thinking, he pursued the light amidst all the howling of the beast. He moved and ran. His legs were refreshed with a new strength, one he had never possessed before. Sweat dripped and flowed from his face as his race continued.

At last, he caught up with the light. And with great strength he grabbed and held onto the dazzling light. And  as he had suspected, the light was indeed a woman; one with a god-like beauty and strength. She had eyes filled forbidden love, and her hair was full and thick with blackness.  Her hips were carved with divinity, and her succulent breast stood high without restraint. Her womanhood was desirably luscious. Her silk-like-skin blended rightly well with all her features. She struggled for her freedom, but the man from Ododo held onto her for dare life. She was strong, but he was stronger. She tore his skin with her fingers causing blood to drip from the man in red. With vex, he drew her closer to him and placed his face on her bosom. The battle between the man and woman went on, but eventually like a raging sea, all became calm. The man knew from her movement that she was not resisting, only questioning his strength and authority, so he continued his conquest. When she had finally affirmed his strength, she worked her gaze on him, and with ease she captured his soul with her beauty. Unknown to her, he had already being possessed by her light from the first time he saw it. The matter that soon took place will be left for another day or maybe another night, when all will be well and ready.


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4 thoughts on “Blessings from a Bird [Part 2]” by Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

  1. Very well written, @wordsfromuyi. It feels very metaphorical – as though the man and woman are symbols of something else.

    More, please.

    1. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

      @TolaO thanks, yes there are some metaphorical aspect, hopefully with the next chapter it’ll be easily spotted.

  2. Oh, yes… We do.
    More, please :)

    1. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

      @Olaedo thanks, more chapters incoming :)

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