The Exam Cheat

(Excerpt from L.I.F.E) 

Magnus has never failed an exam in his life – at least not since he realized the bliss of sneaking into exam halls with bits of paper covered with untidy scribbles, and artfully craning his neck to peek into Rebecca’s answer sheets as an alternative.

(You see, Rebecca has been his seat mate since Class Three, and happens to be the brain of the class.)

Today our Magnus wakes up with a dull ache in his eyes, and finds his reflection all blurry and wobbly in the bathroom mirror.

Uh oh, some ocular malady? That would be very very bad for our boy’s career- especially with that Math test coming up tomorrow. We want him to be in top form, don’t we?

So off to the eye specialist mom sends him – she’s all anxious about it because she’s equally proud of her boy and his achievements (Wouldn’t you?)

He strides into the reception room and is attended to in seconds; pays a fee and is directed to an eye examination room.

The examiner explains what will be going on in a few seconds, jabbing a finger occasionally behind at the eye chart on a wall. He is a jovial, happy-go-lucky fellow, this examiner but Magnus begins to look like he’d have to swallow a toad in a few seconds.


Hullo? Is that a pager we hear faintly beeping in our examiner’s coat pocket? Yes, it is. He glances at it briefly, and holding up the apologetic just-a-minute finger to Magnus, hurries out of the room.

He returns minutes later and all proceeds well.

Magnus hurries home afterwards with this huge, triumphant grin on his face.

You’d do think he got his glasses right away.

But he didn’t. In fact, he wouldn’t be getting one in the near or distant future, all things being equal.

You see, while our examiner hurried out of the room, good ol’ Magnus sneaked up closely to the charts and memorized all the figures detailed there, down to the rather small print.

He came through the eye test in flying colours! Just a few vitamins for a few days were all he got.

Bravo for our young man, I daresay.

You cheat at your own expense

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  1. Rotfl……. Can u imagine that? Cheating on an eye test

    1. ‎​ℓ☺​ℓ, d finest mugu ever!

  2. Lol…bless him.

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