Remember Me

Remember Me

Remember me as I have gone away
To a silent land
Where you cannot hold my hand
My presence will be with you like time and sand
But if you must weep for me
Stay the tears from your gland

Remember me nesting and resting
In a place so far away
Where tranquility holds sway
A prayer for me I hope you will say
Appreciating the little mercies
Of each and every day

Remember me but harbour no gloom
Did I speak of a treasure-filled room?
Athletes we are on this life’s race
Therefore head for the finish with panache and grace

Remember me not just because I am no more
But if you do forget me, I will not feel sore
For I understand that living a times can be a bore
One thing I ask: let me remain treasured in your heart’s core

Remember me and if you can, write a book
We didn’t spoil the broth, though we were many a cook
When swimming in the waters of memory, please take a hook
You never know what treasures lay in every cranny and nook

Remember me and tell a tale
Which I hope will set many a dream on sail
We must forever remain on hope’s trail
Making better, the world and whoever we meet; our prized grail.

12 thoughts on “Remember Me” by Writeman (@writeman)

  1. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    Remember me, A nice repetition.
    like it. @writeman

    1. @basittjamiu. Thanks for your kind remarks.All the best

  2. Beautiful poem.
    All though some lines where connected to the others just by rhyme.

    1. @kaycee. Thank you for your comment and observation.All the best.

  3. Very good poem. I liked the rhymes too. Well done.

  4. Touching, almost brought me to tears,

  5. @Admin

    I have just noticed the alterations made to my work in line 6, stanza 1, which reads ‘ Stay the tears from your gland’ when infact I submitted ‘ PLEASE DO NOT TEAR A GLAND” and in line 3, stanza 5 which reads ‘When swimming in the waters of memory, please take a hook’ contrary to my submission of ‘ WHEN SWIMMING IN MEMORY WATERS, PLEASE TAKE A HOOK’ !

    I am at a loss as to who authorized such alterations without seeking my permission/approval! I am demand that my original work be published immediately and an apology tendered to my person, for this clear infringement of my copyright.

    Treat this matter as urgent.

    1. Hello @Writeman,

      Please refer to our terms and conditions which you accepted when registering, and which say:

      However, by posting content on Naija Stories you hereby grant to us a license, to edit, modify, delete, use, publicly display, reproduce and distribute such content on this site, related sites online, and other promotional channels . This license is for at least 2 years, up to 5 years for stories submitted for a site contest, and in perpetuity for winners of our contests. emphasis added

      1. @ Admin
        Yes, I have just read the terms and conditions. But I will like to make a suggestion here that you could, in the very least, inform contributing writers and authors that certain changes have been effected in their submissions first before you publish such amended versions. I believe they have earned that right, since it is their work in the first place.

        I will rest my case and I would like to commend you for your prompt response to my query.

        Thank you.

        1. Hello again, @Writeman,

          Thank you for your suggestion.

          While we would ideally like to inform all authors of changes made to their work, this may not always be possible, given the large number of works that are submitted to us, especially because such changes are what we regard as improvements to a person’s work.

          However, if you come across a change and wish to confirm whether it was deliberate or accidental, please feel free to ask, and we will always be happy to confirm.

  6. beautiful poems…i love the rhymes and the flow of emotion…

    and to the admin pls it will be okay to inform the writer of any changes…

    good job

  7. intriguing lines

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