Musings Of A Hustler (episode 14)


I tried connecting to Alex’s line but she didn’t pick the call. I tried two more times and was getting exasperated when she returned the call. She sounded sleepy.

“Hello Jenny. You called” she half asked and half made a statement.

“Yes I did”   I replied coolly trying to restrain my building irritation.

“oya call me back na” she said and dropped the call. I cursed under my breath cynically wondering why the snitch could not afford to have a phone loaded with airtime.       

Then I called back and as it rang, I could feel the growing rage threatening to spill out once Alex picked the call.

Then she picked.

‘Jenny how far na?’ E don tay o. This one wey you call me so…wetin dey happen?’ She said nonchalantly. (Pretentious Bitch!)

‘Alex, why did you have to tell the whole world I was about what happened? I thought you were my friend? How dare you betray me?!” I spat out in rage, clearly not in the mood for niceties or other pretentious preliminaries.

“Excuse me? How do u mean? What kind of statement is that?” Alex asked.

“Stop acting ignorant Alex!!” I yelled, my rage spilling over and prompting the driver to glance back to in surprise.

“ Na wa o! You just wake up on day and start throwing all sorts of accusations at me abi? Despite all I have done for you? How dare you say I told anyone about it? Did anyone tell you I told him or she about the incident ni? Abi what kind of nonsense is all these ones na?” Alex spat out.

“Ehn Ehn? So you plan denying to the last abi? You pretentious snitch and backstabber! So how then did the story get to Real Time Magazine? Who else was aware of that incident?” I asked avoiding the use of the ‘rape’ word to avoid further embarrassing glances from the driver.

Oh my God! The story is in Real Time Mag? Jeeeeeez! How did it get there? I swear down Jenny, how can I? I am not a small girl now? Why would I ever tell anyone about it?” Alex defended fiercely and I could feel a ting of sincerity in her voice.

Still, I wasn’t convinced.

“Alex stop lying! Only you and Doctor Jude knew about it. There’s no way anyone else could have leaked the story except you are probably telling me Jude did?” I half accused Alex and half asked a question.

 “My god! I swear to you Jenny, I never told anyone else!…er..erm except..” Alex started and then went silent.

“Except whooo?” I shrieked.

“The only person in this world I ever told…and I know he would never tell any other…”

“Alex who the fuck did you tell?”

I interjected having lost all patience with her.

“Uche.” She answered subdued.

“Uche your boyfriend? My God! What the fuck were you thinking? Like you didn’t know he would tell somebody else? Ha Alex! Thank you very very much. You have tried. I really really appreciate it. You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing” I lamented starting to feel tears swelling from within.

“Jenny. I swear I never knew he would tell any other person.” I am really really sorry” she apologized profusely.

“Hold your apology abeg. You don try 0. Kai! You fail me o.” I howled.

Hearing the beep of my phone indicating the last minute of my airtime, I realized I had to conclude the conversation.

“Woo Alex, my credit has almost finished. Later”.

“Wait! No vex o. but…em…hope you haven’t forgotten me? Alex asked apparently referring to the loan she availed me.

I hissed and hung up.

I was full of rage and regret- regret for confiding in Alex and rages for the way things were unraveling. I was still in this state of mind when I heard the beep of a SMS entering my phone. Picking up the phone thinking it was Alex sending me an SMS as a follow up to our phone discussion, I was surprised to see the text message was from Aunty Mabel. I heart skipped a bit and read the message which was as follows;

“Jenny. I realize I have hurt you. I am truly sorry about insulting your mum. I spoke with my husband and realized what a big mistake I made. I was misinformed. Please forgive me.”

I read the SMS over and again. I couldn’t stop wondering what Uncle Emmanuel must have done or told her to provoke the apology. Whatever magic it was, I concluded it must have been really convincing.

By now, the car was very close to my house and then my phone rang. It was Aunt Mabel.

Ooooooo! Not now!

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  1. After how many years you just paste this only..not fair

    Hmmm what is aunt mabel up to naw

  2. @schatzilein…lol…what can i say?

    1. Post another??♡♡

  3. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Cool yarn, I feel the babe. However, she has yet to cash the cheque her uncle gave her now, or did I miss episodes? Keep ’em coming.

    One small pointer, typos plenty here o. Watch out for them in subsequent episodes…

  4. Nice, have been waiting for this. But just as Daireen pointed out, there are too much typos

  5. @daireenonline@The-zenith…thanks…noted…this episode was rather rushed…got challenges with time…will improve tho

  6. to read from the beginning.

  7. ok, I guess i have to read from the beginning.

  8. @funpen…lol…yes you should

  9. Drama! drama! I noticed I just basked in the story and enjoying it and forget to critique!

  10. @Zikora ….ur comments charm me!

  11. @sucess001 abeg where is part 13?

  12. glow (@anyieinstein)

    I can’t stop reading. Keep the story unfolding…

  13. A secret is never secret if more than one person is aware.
    Nice one. $ß.

  14. @sibbylwhyte

    i concur seriously.

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