Guy, wetin I do you na?

Why you jus wan put san-san for my garri?

I jus bin dey house jejely

For my mind, I bin dey enjoy big man house for Lekki

Na im you jus show face

Bros! Na so una dey do for ya village?

How you go jus visit pesin wit no warning, ehn?

Abeg, park well jor


Now, see de kyn tin wey you don do me so.

My leg dey do like say na rubber band dey inside instead of bone

You for kukuma turn my leg to indomie na. Shege!

Me wey be fine babe before,

You wan come make me resemble chin-gum wey don melt

Why na? Wetin I do you?

As for my head…E dey do me like say dem dey pound yam for 20 Tiv men inside am

I jus dey weak like say Denzel Washington and Mr. Nigeria dey my front.


I taya for you o!

Dem say make I take meresin. I don take. Bitter bitter meresin so o

So why you sef no wan lef my body na?

I know say I dey too sezy. Ultimate babe. But you suppose don taya for me na

Abeg o! My bobo no go like am o.

Me ma,I wan do sontin wey go beta my future

Soooo, bros, I dey beg you now

Pack ya load. Comot from my domot.


Peace mehn!

6 thoughts on “Malaria” by Miss Sarah (@tokuharash)

  1. Beautiful…i love the language and the tone of the poem.

  2. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

    lmao. kai why you no call me make i come slap dat useless mosquito, foolish insect. Hope say you lata catch am, drown am inside ota pia pia.
    Creative writing, enjoyed every bit of it. More Kudi to your agbada

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