Kamsi’s Letter

Heavenly father… I mean, Lord Almighty…ehh, Dear God, good afternoon. My name is Kamsi and I’m 8 years old and I’m a good girl. Good children don’t disturb adults for no reason and you’re like the biggest grown-up. I don’t want to disturb you but Mommy said you listen to children more.

See, there’s this man on our street. Everyday when me and Nonso and Ejima come back from school he smiles at us from his veranda across from our house. He smiles mostly at me. But his smile is not like those of most people that smile at me. Auntie Jo has tiny lights in her eyes when she smiles. His own makes everywhere look dark.

He came to the door today, asking for Mommy. I didn’t open the door when I told him nobody was home. That dark smile was on his face again. He said, “Fine baby, open the door, I want to play with you.” I told him I don’t want to play and now he’s gone and come back with something heavy that he’s using to hit the door down. Is this how Grown-ups play? I don’t like it, I’m scared. Mommy took my brothers shopping so I’m alone. And now a strange man with darkness in his eyes is banging our door. I know maybe you’re busy with those other children in Sudan or Haiti or one of those poor places Daddy keeps talking about when we don’t finish our food. But I saw some of those children on TV once and I’m not sure you listen to them either.

I don’t think he’s alone – Even while the door was being hit I heard the window shatter. I’ve run upstairs to my room and locked the door and I’m writing this letter under my bed. It’s very dusty here, God-now I know why Mommy shouts at us to sweep every corner. My armpits are pricking me and I can’t scratch them. I feel like peeing too, and I really need to sneeze, but if they hear me! Please if you still do those things like in the story of Moses and the Egyptians now would be a very good time to do them.

I can’t talk more, I have to work on holding in my sneeze. Pls God I’m a good girl, and I’ll be even gooder if you just help me now.

From Your Friend, Kamsi

P.S They’re on the stairs now. Please hurry.

25 thoughts on “Kamsi’s Letter” by The Goth Who Smiles (@JinxOssi)

  1. awww. This is too sad for words.

    1. It happens everyday, everywhere, I’m sorry to say…

  2. liked d way its written 4rm a childs view,sad though cos she’s so innocent n pure.Well done.

    1. Thank you. It’s what i like doing; becoming someone else to tell their story…

  3. beautifully written, I like

  4. Cutely sweet….made me go aww

  5. Great writing style, you caught my heart from the first word and tightened the strings at ‘gooder’…for Kamsi’s sake is there a part 2? These things do happen, and it’s sad…

    1. @chymdiinma @Titilola @elovepoetry @katiee Thanx…weep not for lil Kamsi, for she exists only in this piece…the statistics are much worse, believe me…

  6. Awww..the sweet child…I liked!

  7. Nice. But writing under the bed? Especially under the bed of an eight year old?…hmmm…

    1. Well it IS fiction sha…in the real world this would be Kamsi’s Prayer, not a letter. I knew someone would point it out eventually :)

      1. yes, i did think it was a prayer, till we got to the writing under the bed part. no child would think to write in that kind of situation. all the same,

        well done, really captivating flash.

  8. The truth of what lil girls face thes days. Dear God help lil Kamsi!

  9. Nice narrative…. Too sad those who are supposed to be security for the little ones are the security risk…..

  10. Please don’t leave us hanging. Let us know how God dealt with the ass hole. He really needs to be shot.

    1. If only it were that easy…Thanx.

  11. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Sad. Sad. The things we do and how the world is evolving…
    Really nice story, splendid narrative.
    Quick question, a naija 8yr old would not be left at home whilst the mum went shopping with the brothers na. Or did I miss something? I’m guessing she (the mum) drove the brothers. So why allow her play housekeeper?

    1. @daireenonline Actually young children are left at home more often than you’d think. I know 4-year-olds who are left to walk home from school right here in Nigeria. Thanx tho, i’ll try not to push it in the next piece.

  12. Nice write. I hope more parents will read this and be more careful. There are so many evil people around.

  13. ghandi (@laavidaalocaa)

    love this.

  14. Absolutely lovely… I’d go wt d observer who pointed out d under bed thingy… Asides that, this is like in a class of its own
    I hope there are no guys going ‘awww’ up in here? It’s a girl thing, ‎​ℓ☺​ℓ!

    1. LOL! I sure hope not…thanx

  15. Beautiful. In real life, things happen and it seems to the victims that God doesn’t exist . At times it makes me wonder.

    Well done. $ß.

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