If you ever return

If you ever return

How soothingly you said it, how convincingly

That you would only be a moment, that you’d be right back

As your hands slipped out of mine with your smile so sublime

I had tried to keep you

But you left so swiftly, never looking back

I stood there in the deadening night’s claws

On the curb

As I watched you go, your back mocking my loneliness

Winter’s cold slapped across my face vengefully

On the curb

As I wondered if this was the case of the Prodigal son or Lot’s wife

Soon, I couldn’t see you anymore

So I took solace in the prints from your snowboots

Gazing intensely at their silhouette

As though in them I would find solace for sure

Its been two years I have been standing here now

Winter has passed and now summer is here

The sun has now gone down

The leaves are rustling, alluring, seeking to comfort

But I cannot be comforted

The ticks pinch my nostrils, asking unsounding questions

The owls hoot in my ears like jackals mocking my long wait

And I say a sullen prayer that you will be like the prodigal son

That you will at least return


4 thoughts on “If you ever return” by adebayo caleb (@lordkel)

  1. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    okay! Nice lines….. well constructed.

  2. Really nice…..i love the emotions it evoked. Kudos

  3. Beautiful! Love the words you used.

  4. I simply love this…you are goood

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