I love you but…

She alighted from the taxi with the confidence of a woman who knows she has it all. Seemingly floating up the stairs, she approached the reception and smiled at the man behind the desk. The man smiled back lost in her radiance.

“Hi, how are you doing?”

“Fine ma, how may I help you?”

“I would like a room… something comfortable.”

“That will not be a problem Ma. How long do you intend to stay?”

“Just some hours I guess.”

“I will have to see an I.D to get your name and… ”

“Erm that will be a bit of a problem, I do not have any of my I.Ds here and… ”

‘What the heck? It’s just for a few hours’ the man at the reception thought to himself. “Okay… well, let’s start with your name then.”

A few minutes later, the lady opened a door and stepped inside the room closing the door behind her. Moving further into the room, she dropped her purse on the bedside table and waited patiently for the knock that she knew would come. The knock came few minutes later.

Opening the door, she smiled at the man with the drinks and motioned him in. Giving the man a tip, she closed the door and let out a sigh. The cocky self confident young woman was gone, replaced by one who was nervous.

She walked to the window and gazed out at nothing, then to the bed picking up her purse and brought out a ring. She gazed at the ring for a while and then slipped it onto her third right finger. She glanced at the door nervously and poured herself a drink.

Looking at her watch, she saw that thirty minutes had gone by and then just when she was about to stand; there was a knock. She stood and opened it for her visitor.

The visitor came in and apologized for showing up late.

“How have you been?” The visitor asked giving her a thorough look-over.

“I am fine, thought you were no longer coming,” she replied avoiding her visitor’s scrutiny.

“You know how much you mean to me… you call – which you rarely do – and I come running.” The visitor came towards her and guzzled at her nape.

“I have got something to… ”

“Sshh… the sight and smell of you is making me go crazy. Let’s talk after I have had my fill. I have missed you so bad.” The voice said as the hands slowly caressed her breasts before moving lower.

“But… can you stop doing that? You are driving me crazy.”

“That’s exactly how I want you to be babe, crazy. You can tell me what you want to after this I promise. I just must have you now.”

Moaning, the woman turned towards her visitor. Kissing ferociously, they stumbled to the bed. Stripping each other earnestly, only pausing to admire the bodies they had each missed.

“I missed you… gosh, I can’t… ”

“Sshhh… enjoy the moment, you are still as beautiful… your breasts are just as I remembered.” The visitor said with great desire.

The woman in reply leaned forward for a deep kiss. They kissed, their bodies moving perfectly as one. Their moans and passion filled the room unfettered by self consciousness.

A while later both spent, the couple turned to face each other. Lightly tracing a finger round the woman’s breast, the visitor asked “Why did you send for me?”

“I… wanted… I… don’t think we should… I am getting married.”

Laughing, the visitor bent and nuzzled the woman’s breast causing her to moan out loud. “Can he do that to you, make you wet with a light touch… like this?” Tracing the woman’s buttocks lightly, the visitor watched as the woman clenched her buttocks trying to still herself from moaning out loud. “Do you want me again?”

Nodding, the woman turned away slightly angry.

“You don’t have to fight it.”

“I want to… I didn’t come here for this. I came to say it was over.”

“I thought we loved each other?”

“Yes… no… I do not know. What I feel for him is different and this is so wrong on many levels.”

“Oh, it’s now wrong? Minutes ago it didn’t feel wrong to you… moaning and trashing all over. Seconds ago, you wanted me again… so… ”

“Stop! I didn’t come here to fight.” Sitting up, the woman opened her purse and brought out a cigarette and lighter. Lighting it, she inhaled slowly and deeply; trying to gather courage.

“Does he know you smoke?”

The woman doesn’t answer for a while and then she said as if from a distance, “you can’t keep throwing the love card in my face every time. You can’t keep me pining for you and expect me not to find another… ”

“My job isn’t the best in terms of personal freedom and you know that… I try my best to be with you every time I am given the chance… ”

“It isn’t just your job… it’s this whole thing… us. We will forever sneak around and I see no point to it. Perhaps, it is because you have never felt the way I have that’s why you find it hard to understand how torn I am.”

“Oh, please drop the bullshit!” The visitor exclaimed jumping from the bed, frightening the woman. “

“But is it not true?”

“Is it? Have you forgotten how you came crying five years ago because you had a heart-break and made me promise not to leave you?”

“Yes… but… ”

“I had news that night. I had met someone. I experienced what you are right now but you came in all torn and fragile and I chose you.”

The woman shocked looked at her visitor. “But you never gave a hint, never whispered it even in anger.”

“One of us had to be strong. Have your parents met him?”

“No, I didn’t want word filtering out.”

“And yet he has proposed… ”

An awkward silence filled the room.

“You are like an itch. With you, I get wet and want to have you over and over but with him it’s more like contentment. I am fulfilled in a way I have never been. I love you but I love him more and with the realization that we can never be together, we are doomed.”

“Who says we cannot be together. We can elope.”

The woman cringed in horror. “Elope, are you insane? If you were another woman I would have considered it but you are my cousin for heaven’s sake. Even the lesbian community would look down their nose at us… ”

“No one would have to know we were cousins and I don’t think anyone would care.”

“Lizzy, I am an only child. It would be highly cruel of me to deny my parents grandchildren because of my lifestyle. Besides, how would your parents feel?”

“Adoption hasn’t gone out of style. There’s artificial insemination. We could take turns in getting pregnant, whatever you want. My parents can take care of themselves.”

“We would be causing a rift in the family and I don’t think I’d want that.”

“Where’s all this concern coming from all of a sudden? Damn you Bimps, damn you to hell… ”

A knock on the door caused both women to jump.

“Who knows we are here?”

“I… don’t… I… ” jumping up Bimpe throws on her clothes.

The knock came again, more forceful this time. “Bimpe, it’s Deji. Open up.”

“Shit… shit… that’s him. Please, dress up Lizzy.” Bimpe begged now frantic.

“No, I won’t. Perhaps, it’s time you bear the consequence of your decision. Choose! How does he even know you are here?”

“Because, I told him I was coming to see you and you just came into town. We were supposed to go somewhere from here. I didn’t think we would spend much time here.”

“Of course, well… ” Lizzy laid back on top of the bed naked. “It’s your choice dear, make up your mind.”

“I will do anything I promise… please.” Bimpe pleaded just as her phone rang.


“Yes… anything.”




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