How to Nourish Love in Your Relationship

A relationship is like a garden, it is expensive to maintain but very sweet and rewarding when it is well cultivated. The more time and effort you put in to nurture and nourish love in your relationship, the better the opportunity for your relationship to be healthy. Are your words and actions tearing down your partner and making him/her sick or empowering him/her to be more loving, Fidel and productive? If your relationship must be successful and fulfilling, then you must put in your best to make it succeed. You need to be a person who nourishes his/her relationship with the right nutrients needed for it to grow. The goodness of your relationship should challenge, inspire and empower others to make their relationship work well.

Relationship is responsibility. Marriage is a university of no graduation. Before you go into a marriage union, I advise you get holistically mature and be ready to give 100% of your best. For two people to be in a harmonious union, they must be able to tolerate and help each other become better. A loveless relationship is frustrating and dis-empowering. A healthy and lovely relationship is a place where love reigns supreme. This makes you feel secured and rich.

Great relationships don’t happen by accident. Real relationships have ups and downs. Those enjoying bliss in their marriages are not from moon, they are fellow humans and you can learn from them. Some people say that relationship is not a bed of roses, but you can make yours a bed of roses by nourishing love in it with these nutrients/pointers below.

1. Respect
Respect is reciprocal! In order to nourish love in your relationship, you cannot go wrong when you make mutual respect a priority in your affair. This will make you and your mate value each other well. Always respect and honor your partner.

2. Trust
Trust is a fundamental element that must be present at all times for love to grow in your union. A relationship without trust is heading for the rocks. Trust is glue that binds people together.

»3. Understanding
Understanding will help you people resolve issues amicably and reach a reasonable compromise for love to reign in your relationship. Without understanding, your relationship will be full of quarrels and fights. Cultivate empathy, this enables you and your spouse to know how each other feels and understand the reasons behind each others actions and reactions.

4. Sacrifice
For love to be well nourished in your union, there must selfless giving of your whole being to the relationship. Giving of oneself is one foolproof way to nourish love in any relationship. Make intensive effort to give 100% care to your union in other to boost love and make it a super success. Sacrifice pays! It will make your relationship succeed.

5. Connection and Communication
The importance of connection and communication cannot be over-emphasized because they strengthen love in any relationship. Pay attention to your choice of word, tone of voice, body language and gesticulation. Always create a common ground for you and your mate because it solidifies love. Being a good listener helps love to be nourished in your relationship.

It is a proven fact that love is the real strength of healthy human relationship. A relationship lacking love will crumble. When you love your mate with your whole heart, you are watering your relationship with true love. In doing this, your relationship flourishes like a tree planted by the riverside. It stays fresh, even in harsh weather conditions. With love well nourished, your relationship will overcome any challenge.

©Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

Love is uplifting
Love is uplifting

8 thoughts on “How to Nourish Love in Your Relationship” by ifeanyienoch (@ifeanyienoch)

  1. Not bad, but a pretty Generic article. There.are loads of books and pamphlets that proclaim basically the same things. Sometimes breaking down these things creates a Checklist mentality that makes people think something is wrong when they don’t seem to find one.

    Foe me, I believe the Bible has given 2 basic ingredients for a successful marriage, with each person allocated his/her part:

    SUBMISSION: The woman’s job is to submit to her husband. Now, this is where their ears will stand up now and they will holler. Bite me.

    1. Sorry… don’t know why the other part didn’t enter, cos I know I did type it…
      Yes oh, Submission. Submission is having your own opinion but submitting to that of your husband. There can’t be 2 captains in one ship. The greatest fear women have is that the men will take their submission for granted, so they try to love, and make the men submit to their love. Doesn’t work in the long run.

      LOVE: This is the part God reserved for the men. It encompasses all the things you mentioned, and more. A man who doesn’t find fulfillment in the joy of others at his own expense is not ready for marriage…

      It’s funny, because Marriage got its template from Christianity.

      Oh, and Friendship too; it is important.

      Now, abeg who wan chop chin-chin?

      1. Invitation to treat, abi? The Bible you are quoting says after that: submit yourselves therefore, one to another. The same Bible also admonishes all to love. People are prone to selectively quoting portions of the Bible to suit their position (framing theory?!), but the quotes from the Bible should be used with attention to the context (verses before and verses after), to give a full picture. By the way, I have nothing against women submitting to their husbands or men loving their wives.

  2. Very apt. @raymond lol. I know a lot of women that are very submissive

  3. Love and marriage is kinda like arts. Follow the basic principles, move on with the groove.

    Nice article though.

  4. @raymond, very true. But men often forget their part, which is to Love as Christ loves and that Love is explained in 1cor13. It is patient, kind, it is not proud, rude, irritable and does not demand its own way. Most men do the exact reverse of that. They hold on to their ego, act very rudely, impatient, demand their own way and keep pointing out that a woman’s duty is to submit. If a man really loves like that,most woman would not find it hard to submit and if they do then na the woman get the wahala. I think rather than each sex reminding the other of their duties, they should rather work on doing their own duties i.e. the man loving and the woman submitting.

    1. …I thought I typed that part…

  5. @ifeanyienoch, thank you. Although, I think communication and communion should be number one, then the others follow.

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