Far away from home
Lost in the shadows of adventure.
In the bid to be free
I am held in chains of mystery.
So much on my own
Lost in indulgence,
I lay my hands on so much
Comfort never bated an eye.
Many days are gone,
Many months a-go
In the midst of my lust
I discovered i was lost.
Going deeper still
Wanting more still
In my wantoness
The heart grows wan.
Slowly and steady,
The heart grows faint,
With none to care
The heart beckons home.
But I have already said goodbye
And I seldom remember home.
Who would want to buy
That I’m on my way home?
I rehearse my role
I recite my verses
I cite my references
As in a drama
I hope to touch a heart.
Almost home,
My heart skips a pace a beat
Though long i prayed
I said a silent prayer
To meet my home at peace.


Dear home,
Here I come
So lost and lost for hope.
Home had changed for sure
The environment and compound
But I headed on
I rashly knocked on the front door
Like a stranger at the door
‘Come in,’twas the Paternal voice’

My heart skipped two paces a beat

And I entered my home

To meet their faces expressionless. 

As father stood up to chastise
(For I ran away from home)
With a slap upon my cheek,
Wanting to turn my left
As to follow the good Book
I discovered myself a-sweating
Everybody disappeared,
Just like a flash of light.
Looking around for an explanation, alas…
It was only a dream.


2 BackToYourArms

(rising tone) Thy arms are my home
I meant to say my own
for in the midst of my tears,
a cloth you tear
away to wipe the tears.
Many years you did this
giving me all I cried,
but now,
methinks I am yet of age
Eighteen years of age
I need to write my page.
Thanks for all you are
To me, the sweetest to ever happen

For without you,

there would be none to call my own.
In search of freedom
I earmarked a year out
for me to call my own,
you apart,
I want to live my life.
I left…

And in a strange land:
I made my tent, my abode.
(calm tone)In my struggles and much trouble I failed not to call my own.
With the singing mosquitoes
And the silent nights
With people of strange language
I never let you out,
You held on to me
Cared for me,
Though the kid was errant,
You never let me go
I mean you mean the world to me.
Little wonder, in my troubles
My heart beats for you
And in my joy,
I ne’er forget your arms!
For your love,
You show and shower on me still.
Thanks to my own
I’m happy i have a sort of you
Many couldn’t cope
Cos they had no hope.
Even in the trying times,
You never gave up hope
For when i was down
When i was dead
Your hope lingered on.
What would i do without you?
Your love for us be too much.
We call you ours
For we are not ashame you call us yours.
Am much of words
And lost for rhymes
You just make me speechless.
Mine, of this I’m sure:
Home is where your heart is.
You are my own,
You are my home
Your arms are warm
You are next to God,
To me,
For you brought me up here,
To this world,
From the craddle to the toddler
And the saddle to the bubble
You nurse and nurture to life
To a full blown adult,
I still call you my own,
For to you
…I am always your child.
Tribute to my own, my home, my Mirror, my Gold, my Siblings
For you surely are the arms
To which I am back to,
Safe in your arms.
………owseaman 6th March, 2012

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  1. this has potential to be much better… u were trying to force ur lines to rhyme and dt led to wrong use of words… there were typos… tense mix ups…

    well done

  2. @Topazo…. i didn’t know, but now i know people are here… thanks for going thru

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