Gone are those days she stood tall

capped with pride that matched strength

of her brothers from the lands of the colorless masters

All she has now ….lines

wrinkled lines intertwined all over her

lines of hardship, lines of pain.

she wears faded colors


the tell stories of a once powerful Nation

now? a struggling tad

She is adorned with praises

of smiles on the faces of heroes past

now? worthless prints on battered paper

that tell tales,painfully loud tales

yet you turn deaf ears

overwhelmed with ignorance

and washed in greed.

You break her with your fist,

stuff her in pocketed shorts

and sin stained shirts

you rub her in your dirt,

choke her in your obliviousness

her value diminishing by the second.

I make bold to say, our Naira is gradually  becoming extinct

7 thoughts on “Extinction….” by katiee (@katiee)

  1. Beautiful thought expressed here,but your last line didnt uphold the strength of the descript image you gradually painted.You should not have ended with ‘I make bold to say our naira is gradually becoming extinct’ it makes it sound like an essay.
    The beauty of poems is its economy of words.Thank you for sharing and keep writing!

    1. Very well noted thanks

  2. Chris Nwogu (@chrisnwogu)

    Beautiful in it making
    Nice work
    But the flaw. »}»»»»»» “I Make bold to say our naira is gradually becoming extinct.”««««««{«
    Keep writing and keep improving.

  3. @katiee, the sentiment of the poem is clear – that’s good – but the imagery didn’t work for me.

    The problem is that I don’t know if you are referring to naira notes that are used to purchase goods (this seems to be the case, because you are talking about ‘faded colours and wrinkled lines’) or whether you are talking about the naira as something used to measure value (this seems to be the case, because you are talking about the times when the value was higher). The two are not the same; you should make a distinction between them.

    1. @katiee dear, what HE said.

      Not bad though. Only get better.

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