YimuCentral: The Adventures Of Akpors and Other Stories

YimuCentral: The Adventures Of Akpors and Other Stories

The Adventures of Akpos1



When Akpors finds a beautiful girl one fateful morning, calling out to him from the entrance of a church building, he thinks all of his prayers have been answered.

Robbed off the basic pleasures of life at an early age, and thrown into the street to fend for himself, Akpors lives every day as it comes. He doesn’t complain, at least not until his girlfriend Ekaette leaves him. He fantasizes about Tega, a serving girl in the restaurant where he works, but he hasn’t the courage to express his emotions. On his way to his boss’ New Year party, where he was one of the waiters, he stumbles upon Cleo, a beautiful stranger, waiting for him in front of the All Saints Anglican church.

Having been on the lookout for a girl who would satisfy his pent up sexual desires, Akpors throws caution to the wind, following Cleo into a den of thieves where he finds himself thrown into a planned assault against Chief Alaba, his boss and his friends. In tying to wriggle out of this nightmare, Akpors discovers that the armed men belong to the same gang responsible for his woes, many years ago.

Find out in this sizzling, comic and highly entertaining series, how Akpors meanders through his misadventure.



laila's peace1



Leila’s Peace is a story of love and the celebration of family bonds, told through the eyes of a young woman who finally found joy, happiness and ultimately, peace through the self sacrificing love of her family. It tells of the struggle that many women go through in their quest for a child to call their own.

Filled with intrigue, romance, tears, passion and natural emotions, Leila’s Peace will leave you wondering how far your love for family can truly go.





When Anthony Mukoro, a twenty-one year old discovers he cannot reproduce his kind, owing to a startling discovery about his health, his world comes crashing, flinging him into a formless void of pain, despair and hopelessness.

In a desperate bid to sire an heir, he plunges into a reckless journey of self discovery, fraught with danger, hope and dare. In the arms of an old friend—Odufa—he finds the strength to face his fears and live again despite the hanging threats of his medical condition, amid a turbulent whirlpool of passion that threatens to devour the union.

Odufa is haunted by ghosts from a melancholic past. She flees from her demons by taking solace in the cold comfort of alcohol. She sees a genuine friend in Anthony, pledging her heart to him against an earlier vow. Aware of the other’s pains and heartaches, they concoct a foolproof plan to wipe the tears from their eyes for all time; if only they both could make a baby, everything would become new again: new hopes, new dreams and a future. Or so they think as they plunge into the bowels of this serpentine romance which alters their lives forever.


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