Writing Prompt – Feb 15, 2013: Rate Your Favorites

Writing Prompt – Feb 15, 2013: Rate Your Favorites

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It must contain a setting, at least one character, a conflict and a resolution.

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Today’s prompt is below. Think about it and submit until Friday.

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Nothing Hidden Under The Sun


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6 thoughts on “Writing Prompt – Feb 15, 2013: Rate Your Favorites” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. I used to believe so much on secrets not untill when my best friend uki had confidedly displayed to me that nothing is hidden under the sun.
    “do you know that ukat the HUGE is lifeless in his waist?”
    “how do you mean?”
    “I mean he is Impotent”
    “chei! who told you that?”
    “I overheard them yesterday in my room”
    “but,…..how come he has a son?”
    “that is the product of ukim the houseboy as the wife confessed, they thought it to be hidden, but nothing is hidden under the sun as long as the star shines through the earth”

  2. “Mommy is on Skype, Gladys. Come!”
    “Mommy! I can see you!”
    “I can see you too, darling. How is school?”
    “Great! Mommy, look what I found.”
    Mommy frowned as she leaned forward. “What is that, dear?”
    The computer screen went dark.
    “Daddy! What’s wrong?”
    “Go to your room!”
    The house phone rang. “Sorry. The connection went bad.”
    “Liar! How did she find that thing, Benson?”
    “Darling, you know with that little brat there’s nothing hidden under the Sun!”
    “I know of something under the Sun I’ll start hiding from you.”
    “No, darling. Not that.”

    96 words.

  3. My father’s favourite saying is, “Nothing hidden under the sun.”

    I didn’t quite get the meaning until one faithful day under Mama Ibeji’s bed.

    She’s the landlord’s wife; who has been chasing me since I moved in after NYSC.

    Months avoiding her advances ended when she promised to pay my rent.

    Papa Ibeji stormed in, as we were busy. I dived under the bed, but it was too late.

    The beating I got, I wouldn’t lie, my father has never beaten me like that before, and to make matters worse, now I’m homeless.

    Now I clearly understand my father’s saying.

    100 words.

  4. “I was happy yesterday.”
    “Why? What happened?”
    “Remember the girl that lives in the room opposite mine that I have been chatting up?”
    “I held her in my arms blissfully!”
    “So she’s accepted?”
    “Not yet!”
    “I’m lost. You said she was in your arms.”
    “Be patient! As she was having her bath in the general bathroom, a snake appeared from nowhere, and she sprinted out in fright….”
    “In all her feminine glory?”
    “Yes, and she ran straight to the nearest person, who happened to be me.”
    “So nothing was hidden under the sun, abi?”
    “Yes oh, my brother; nothing!”

    100 words

  5. “Uncle, are you home now?” Rufus asked.
    “Yes, are you still coming?” Chief Edet inquired.
    “Yes, but much later than planned, I have to complete a report in the office.”
    “Okay then, later.”
    “Okay sir, bye.”
    Rufus dropped the phone forgetting to end the call, as he picked up the second one from the table and called Scorpion.
    “The bait is in position now, move quickly, get the money, remember don’t kill him except you must.”
    “Copied,” Scorpion replied.
    Scorpion and his gang arrive, and walk straight into a police net, their arrest was easy, and so was Rufus’.

    99 words

  6. Drip. Drip. Drip.
    The bulb swung lazily overhead, illuminating first one side of the table, and then the other, but never his face. All it showed was the Glock lying sideways on the table, pointing directly at her. She clasped her handcuffed hands in front of her; she was all cried out.
    “Please,” she said, her voice hoarse, tired. “I have nothing to hide.”
    “No you don’t,” he said, his voice flat and hard as he picked the gun. “Not anymore.”

    81 words.

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