Writing Prompt – Feb 1, 2013: Rate Your Favorites

Writing Prompt – Feb 1, 2013: Rate Your Favorites

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Evidence of Good Living


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  2. A sign of good living.
    The slogan under the name ‘King Treat’ seemed to mock brazenly at him.
    His eyes regarded the fare he’d ordered for. The soup might have been gastric ejecta from some nameless omnivore; shaki lay to one side of the soup bowl, like an after-thought. Was this afterbirth?
    He felt his gorge rise & he rose mechanically to his feet, paid & left.
    A sign indeed. Not of good living though.
    He had eaten, yes- royally served a helping of contradictions.
    85 words

  3. His stomach rumbles again and he clutches it. No matter how he denies it, he’s very hungry. At that moment he spots her. Olanma. The girl he had once had a crush on. He instantly turns away, he’s a second too late though, because she spots him and waves, then begins walking towards him. They exchange pleasantries, he can see the evidence of good living on her, she’s well dressed and robust. Unexpectedly, she offers to buy him lunch. He doesn’t decline. God must have sent her. She’s an answer to prayers!

    93 words

  4. It is no exaggeration to say that he consumed ten square meals a day. The concept of satiety seemed foreign to him and worse, he barely moved from his slouching position on the sofa, in front of the TV. Whenever anyone tried to talk to him about his proliferating weight; he always gave the same answer.
    “It’s a sign of good living”
    So we stopped talking and he continued eating indiscriminately……..till the heart attack.
    “Your vessels are getting clogged up”; the doctor told him, adjusting his spectacle.
    Frightening thoughts, an idea, a decision.
    Now he jogs with us every morning.

  5. He cannot afford to buy her a Gucci bag, a Tiffany bracelet or a car. He promises her a life of warm caresses, sweet words, laughter; but she continues to call other men.

    They walk side by side on the beach, in silence. He thinks of her. She thinks of the pain that never seems to go away. He offers her his hand, but she does not take it. They observe happy people.

    “Why can’t that be us?” she asks. He wants to tell her it is because her dream of a good life is shallow. He stays silent.


  6. I saw an old picture of me in an old friend’s album. It was a picture I took five years ago, when I was with Bode. Kemi was one friend who knew of my history with Bode. “Let me see what’s captivating you, “She asked. I raised it so she could see. She was washing rice at the other end of her one room apartment. “You looked sick then.” “Yes,” I answered. Everyone says I look better now. It’s evidence of good living; Kunle treats me right. But then, that’s how it was with Bode at the beginning.

    98 words

  7. The aroma of the delicacies set on the dining table was mouth watering. An evidence of good living, an unlooker would say. But the sad and dissapointed look on the faces of the occupants of the table would leave you puzzled. Each with his own thought, a wife and mother wondering if her husband is with his mistress again. A child wishing they could go back to being poor, so his dad would be present at meal times. They’ve had better days, it wasnt always like this. They can only hope, for a change. 94 words

  8. What attracted me most was her evidence of good living and her brilliant answers to hard-cracking questions. Mr Hassan is always fond of asking that hard-cracking questions that will hold you to deep thought. Amina is not that beautiful but she is extremely brilliant.
    Mr hassan posed this question in the literary class with a prize tag ” who won the nobel laureate for 2011″
    the whole class was in silence, no one knows the answer, but she answered it “Tomas Transtomer of sweden”
    ” yes! That is purely an evidence of good living.” said Mr Hassan.

  9. Here’s my life in print. Wake up as the sun filtering through the 25th floor windows of my penthouse (“waaaay too much sun”, I mumble) interrupts my dreams.Three board meetings (I’m cancelling two). The wind ruffles my VIP-home-service-styled retro chic coiffure, as I drive “leixuriously”, four hours post-morning routine – workout, healthy breakfast, wardrobe malfunction of plethoric proportions, namely “what to wear to a shopping spree”. With the “BFFs”. On a Wednesday. Morning, that is.

    You may call this “the evidence of good living”. I call it “Nirvana”.

    p.s. Leixuriously – my own word for luxurious leisure”.

    96 words

  10. The mob was hysterical, chanting warlike songs and literally spitting venom. In the midst of the chaos, Ajibike was being dragged about to the lynching point wearing only boxers. About the same time, two full truck load of Aluta sensitized students were passing through town to their convention. Their convoy paused at the scene when one student shouted; “no be Ajibike be that?!” Jumping down like commandoes to investigate this claim, they discover it’s actually their campus pastor; Ajibike. They immediately halt the mob, to rescue him, as they described what manner of pious lifestyle Ajibike lead.

    99 words

  11. She looked straight into my eyes, with a gaze as sharp as a piercing sword and told me those reverberating words that changed my life forever- “I wish you are not my brother”. She chortled amidst bouts of tears. My heart broke!
    I could not sleep for the rest of the night. We had just finished our usual rendezvous, but rather than sneak out quietly to her room as usual, she stayed behind to tell me those heart rending words.My heart ached as questions floods through. After 2 years, why is she just telling me now? Who told her?

  12. I couldn’t help but emit another prohibited groan as he neatly arranged another concrete block on my soft paunch.

    “This your Evidence Of Good Living must flat back today” the soldier at the checkpoint I had overran said to me as I laid eagle spread on the black tarmac.

    The almost empty bottle of Hennessy found in the back seat of my car told my sordid tale to all and sundry. A little crowd had gathered around us and I could just tell from the expressions on their faces, I wasn’t gonna get an aorta of mercy here.

    99 Words

  13. (84 words)

    “What do you know you this broomstick” he croaked. “This is an evidence of good living”
    “But It’s not” I said to him. “It’s not” I repeated in a half-whisper afraid to enrage him.
    He was adamant that the protruding tummy wasn’t pathological, and there was little I could do to change his mind.
    Three days later, we were on our way to the hospital albeit too late. Liver cirrhosis the doctor called it.
    He had lived by the bottle and had died by it.

  14. In his opinion love had only one colour; sex.

    He didn’t do girl friends. The only girl friend he had had ditched him for some sexy guy. She had called him ‘sick’ right before walking out of his life, straight into the arms of the other guy.

    He wasn’t sick. He couldn’t satisfy her sexually. She was too demanding and authoritative in bed. After she left, he settled for hookers. Girls that are submisive. They will do anything to please him. To these girls he was sexy.

    Morality be damned. His active sexuality was an evidence of good living.


  15. “Diopka, sign the document, abeg!” Senator Umeru begged. “Oga don sign am. Na you remain.”

    “Give me time.”

    “There is no time!” Umeru paced the room. “We’re talking millions here, Clement.”

    “It’s not right, Senator.”

    “Which kain right? This is about your children and mine. We won’t be the first.”

    “But we’re doing okay, Senator. We don’t need this!”

    “Where’s your evidence? Where’s your private plane?”

    Good question; I stood up and left the building.

    The next day, Senator Umeru and Commissioner Buraimoh were arrested.

    That night I thanked my God, and slept very well.

    That was my evidence.

  16. “kembe called me yesterday,he said papa was seriously ill and dying” i said to the old woman detached from the small crowd gathered in front of mazi okoroafors hut.Nothing had changed in fifteen years since i left here.”Go in,your neglected father is inside” she hissed,I made to go in but alas at the sight of the door i lost confidence,weighing 180kg i could not fit.i glanced furtively at the group staring mockingly at me,till then i had always explained away my weight as an evidence of good living,now see my predicament. 91 words

  17. Kwashiorkor.
    The word came to you clearly amongst the jumble of whispers.
    You sighed in exasperation. “I must really work hard, this my classmates go sabi book o. Abi, how dem take sabi uncle’s big grammar?”  
    You remembered the word too well. It was the exact same words your uncle used as he examined your larger than life okada-rider’s-helmet-like belly when he came to pick you in the village.  
    “Don’t worry about it boy, your belle is a sign of good living,” he had said.  
    “Well, uncle,” you say to yourself, “na to worry about am now o!”

    99 words.

  18. 94th Minute.
    Rolling forward with his remarkable pace, Kalou crossed low to Drogba, who faked a run to the right, swerved to the left, leaving Mba chasing his grandfather’s ghost. He faked a shot, displacing Yobo, whose unfit,fatty build hinted evidence of good living, and released a screamer that the Nigerian media later dubbed the TFY(thunder fire you) strike, which made Enyeama look like a crack addict seeing triple.

  19. “Evidence of good living? Isn’t the correct term a sign?” Tola asked
    “Yes. But we need the Italians to know that you’re living large” I replied
    “I suppose there is a reason for this” Tola continued
    “Yes. To make money, you have to spend money. To dupe these people, you have to make it seem that the money we want to steal from them is actually chicken change to you. It’s the art of confidence.”
    “Hmmn. You’re something else” Tola said as she put on the fur coat we spent all our money on.
    It was all or nothing.

    99 words

  20. I hated hospitals, not just because they stunk of disinfectant, but because to me, they were a symbol of death. Each time I had been to the hospital, I had witnessed one body or the other being wheeled to the morgue. It always depressed me. I was here for the result of my AIDS test. I didn’t know what to expect and my heart beat rapidly as I entered the doctor’s office. The only thing he said to me was: “Congratulations. A clean bill of health. Stay that was, its the evidence of good living.” I burst into tears of joy.
    100 words

  21. He woke up.

    His head throbbed from a nasty hangover, his stomach threatening to let lose its insides.

    His friends had called it an evidence of good living; getting high and drunk at the club and going home with a gorgeous chick. He couldn’t remember what happened. There were clothes all over the floor; his own and a female’s.

    He smiled and turned over to see a covered figure in his bed backing him.

    He slid his hand down the sheets to tickle some up some pleasure and stopped in shock.

    His fingers were cradling a pair of testicles.

    99 words.

  22. He walked through the doors to his home, heard the noise of lovemaking coming from upstairs and
    knew what he was about to see.
    He always knew this day would come, his mother had warned him about women like these, she said they weren’t suitable to marry.
    The evidence was there as he climbed up the stairs, skirts, shoes, pants, …….
    He opened the door and saw them; two gorgeous naked women, paid to cater to his sexual needs.
    He smiled, took off his clothes, thinking as he joined them, sorry mum but this evidence of good living.

    98 words

  23. I knelt down on our bed, leaned towards the window and looked outside our little cottage. The view was awesome! The atmosphere was serene. Desmond and Jennifer played with the white sand. The flowers blossomed in our beautiful well trimmed garden. Suddenly, the gate flung open. “Daddy!” the kids screamed as they rushed to embrace him. I caught sight of my true love. He had pineapple on one hand and my white rose of course on the other. I quickly jumped down from the bed to welcome him. True happiness I believe is the evidence of good living.
    98 words

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