Who Is Akpors?

Who Is Akpors?

Familiar like our best,

We all know him.

We love him,

We cherish him.


His stupidity,

Is our joy.


His mischief,

Our laughter.


He , without fear

Points at our FACE

Yet we all learn him like a BOOK.


He is not a TWIT,

Yet we are all IN A TWITTER

Because of him.


We  all love him,

For his actions speak loud,

His words louder

And we, loudest.


We cherish him ,

Because he offers no defence.

He is the lies of a lover

The love of a disgruntled man.

More than we can understand,

He is a lesson.


We all know him.

Yet we do not know him,

Even when he abides by us.

He is Akpan you brother,

Ayo your neighbour,

Adamu your friend.

He can also be the obedient Obi


He is the you in you,

Even when you deny it.

His words and silence,

His actions and inactions

Echo yours.


He can be that

Which you make out of him.



14 thoughts on “Who Is Akpors?” by Onah-Nnabuike (@Onah-Nnabuike)

  1. Lovely. I especially like the first half of the poem. Akpors gas become a comedic icon in our climes..hehehe.

    Nice one. Keep improving your art.

  2. Lovely piece. Akpors is now a household name, funny enough many would not want to bear the name, lol

    1. how I wish your name was that. Thanks

  3. @ excellency u go like bear d name
    @onah-nnabuike this is nice…

  4. I like your poem.

    I hate Akpors.


    1. why do you hate akpors

  5. LoL@Afronuts, but why not?. Nice piece,by the way@onah-nnabuike. Akpors will always be Akpors.

    1. you may be the akpors

  6. I love everything about Akpors.

  7. Wow…..
    Love every piece of it

  8. Akpos! Akpos! Some people have had to change their names from Akpos to something else because of this famous and generic Akpos.

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