We Have Come Home

We Have Come Home


(Re: “We Have Come Home” by Lenrie Peters)


We have come home

Nature’s stammerers

Whose father’s names

The vowels he cannot say

Dumbfounded by dreams deferred


We have come home

Fed fat skeletons

Hiding our heads between our laps

We have come home

Ostriches- burying our heads in the sand


We have come home

Forgotten heroes of bloodless wars

We have come home

Our love lying dead in our arms

With congealed blood of mystery


We have come home

Singing songs whose lyrics

We have long forgotten

But we have come home.

Whatever happened to our songs:

Our sweet sounding songs once sung sweet?


We have come home

Sailors. Tailors.

Rowing our boats to our future

Sewing the threads of our tattered yesterday


We have come home

Heartless souls

Whatever happened to our hearts?

We do not know


But we have come home

Home is home…

And we have come home

2 thoughts on “We Have Come Home” by Famous Isaacs (@doremi)

  1. Nice one man, nice. You take me back to my earliest romance with poetry. “We have come home” by Peters was one of the first poems to awed me.

    You paid a worthy homage to him and his poem. Well done.

    1. @chemokopi thanks man. You read Peters too? That poem was my favourite, and back then even though I did not fully understand the subject matter, the first stanza stuck to my heart. I had to rep it. Thanks to the musu I did a good job.

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