Untitled Topic

Guided by the waves
Tamed by the past
The short season rings louder by the night
The drum never ever ceases to fade
Whistling away till all is but dry
The queen of the night knows it all
Hesitate or persist
The bite will remain
Row and swing
The wave will eventually bring face
Then, who will carry your weight as you float down the gutter of gold and silver?
Serenity, hear me, hear us
As we choose not escape from the raindrops of deceit

4 thoughts on “Untitled Topic” by Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

  1. Giving this a title would have helped. I think I get the premise, and the lines and word choice is good as well.

    1. @Myne Thanks for reading and commenting, I tried using various title names, most of which did not feel right. I pretty much decided to go with this one. This title in a way fits the theme I was going for.

    1. @topazo. thanks men, appreciate

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