The Poet 2013: Call For Entries

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YimuCentral brings you the maiden edition of THE POET, an annual contest that is aimed at intellectually challenging poets out there, to encourage them, and to support poetry in Nigeria, and ultimately, Africa at large. One poet will emerge every year to claim the official title of “THE POET”. For this contest, our maiden theme is that of Love.

The competition is in two parts, and only qualified contestants will move past the first stage. The contest is open to Nigerians of all ages, gender and ethnicity. YimuCentral wishes you all the best as you partake in this competition . . . and good luck!


  • Like our page on Facebook.
  • Submit a poem of NOT more than thirty lines to
  • Submissions must be sent as Microsoft word attachments.
  • Include in your submission, your full names, a valid e-mail address, three central themes in your poem and a brief profile of yourself.
  • Attach a picture of yourself.


  • Part One

Submissions will be accepted within the first three weeks of the contest. All submissions will be judged by our in-house judges at the end of the third week. Only the best ten contestants will move to the second phase of the contest. Their poems will be published on the 27th of February and they will be notified by E-mail.

  •  Part Two

The second phase of the contest will be judged by the people—by you and I. The ten poems published will be shared on several social media for two weeks. The contestant whose work draws the highest number of likes automatically becomes THE POET. The winner will be announced on the 13th of March.


  • Dominant theme must be love.
  • The poem must not be more than thirty lines.
  • Each submission must be original work of entrant.
  • The submitted poem must not have been published before, online or otherwise.
  • Only one entry is allowed per entrant. Multiple submissions will be disqualified.
  • The poem and picture of contestant must be Microsoft Word attachments.
  • The subject of the e-mail must read: The Poet Contest.


  • Poems will be judged based on originality and creativity of style, language and content; simplicity of diction and clarity and robustness of imagery and theme.
  • Contestants can share their works themselves so as to gain publicity and popularity.
  • YimuCentral reserves the right to publish any submitted poems later on this blog as part of our Poetry Category.
  • THE POET will be contacted by E-mail.



  • Submission opens on the 3rd of February.
  • Submission closes on the 24th of February.
  • Ten qualified contestants will be published on the 27th of February.
  • THE POET will emerge on the 13th of March.

8 thoughts on “The Poet 2013: Call For Entries” by Ohmston Weth (@ohmston)

  1. This is good and an inspiration too. Well done sire, more grace!

  2. this is great. kudos YimuCentral

  3. I don’t know the first thing about writing poetry but for 20k, I’m diving head first.

  4. This is so exciting that i can’t wait to be part of it. Even though i am just an amateur in peotry but I am going in anyway, who know i could be the lucky winner of N20,000. Its really going to be a head start for so many upcoming writers like me. More kudos to

  5. kudos im also trying out
    Thank you for this.

  6. Nothing’s so bad in trying.

  7. Let’s go there

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