The found Smile

I sat and watched the man and his wife. It was as if life had fallen on them. The woman had a baby strapped at her back. I could see the disappointment on their face. I never wanted to believe poverty could strike so hard, but this,it was poverty defined. I couldn’t tell their story but i can write about the one i just witnessed.
I came early to the park today. It was my routine to be there by 11am every saturday but for reasons i couldn’t comprehend, i was earlier today.
The park was different today. It was unusually filled that i wondered What was going on. My favourite seat was occupied by children of the same age group, so i decided to take the seat close to the fountain. At about 10:30am,three big buses arrived at the park. A man came out of one of the buses and told everyone to gather. Of course, I didn’t move from my seat, I wasn’t aware of What was going on. The children on my favourite seat stood up very fast. I couldn’t tell What the man told them from Where I sat. After about 10minutes of addressing the crowd, the man went back into the bus. The crowd started forming a queue according to their age groups. I couldn’t even read the book that I brought because I wanted to know the outcome of it all.
Some minutes passed, and the queue was there and every soul that formed the queue started chatting, even the little kids weren’t left out.
Something struck me so hard, the children were looking really skinny and the adults were worried but hopes were in their eyes. A woman just sat there, holding a huge smile on her face. The man came out of the bus again and addressed the crowd for the second time.
Then they all clapped and the smile on their faces beamed more. A group oh hefty men started off loading food stuffs from the buses. Then, i realised that they were actually donating it to the poor and needy. What a great gesture. I thought.
My eyes traveled through all the people, then, it settled on the woman who was with the huge smile. I noticed her smile had grown wider. She knelt, looked up and started murmuring some words. She was thanking GOD. The others just left the park hurriedly but she made time to thank GOD, not when she got home but at that spot. I was marveled. After about 2 hours, the park was back to its normal state. That was when the man came rushing with his wife and his baby.
I felt pity for them and i had it in heart to help them. As they were about to leave the park, i ran towards them and handed to them the basket of food and drink i brought to the park for myself. Oh my GOD! You need to see the smile on their face. I was so happy that i was able to create such smile on a family’s face. They thanked me and left in great joy.

8 thoughts on “The found Smile” by glim Bukola (@dulcet)

  1. Quite touching… Thank God for all we have

  2. Thank you Lord for the little i have.. I always wonder abt those that doesnt have..

    Nice one

  3. Fulfilment comes from putting smiles on the faces of others.God gave us what we have,not just for us alone…but to help others too. Nice piece,dear.

  4. @dulcet Nice story, just be careful with your grammar and tense.

    Hey just about to plug myself, check out my story if you have the time and leave a comment good or bad, link below;

  5. Something tells me not to be harsh.
    But if you want to be a better writer dont listen to all the people telling you that this story was ‘nice’.
    Keep smiling.

  6. This could have been written better

  7. It might have been better served as a narrative non-fiction, just my thoughts. The story isn’t fully developed, for certain features of characterisation and the plot to manifest. And then, the capitalisation of “What” within sentence at several points, was that deliberate? I love your thoughts behind the story, truly do. Cheers.

  8. Your story is so touching and flows so well that one tends to overlook all the flaws. Wonder if you wrote this on your phone, but even at that, you should be careful with your writing.

    Really like the story. Good job.

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