Take Me To NS

Take Me To NS

Do we take the stakes
Or we pick the stakes
Whichever you do, you make a choice.

Did they say we don’t have a choice
What a lackadiasical statement
That need to be utterly reprimanded.

We have a choice
Yes! We have a choice
Because this is our home
This is where we were born
We are citizen of this country not forigners
We are full of rights to say our feels
We have the right to grouse about it.

We have a choice
Even though our choice are not choosed.

6 thoughts on “Take Me To NS” by Bola (@basittjamiu)

  1. Check your spellings. What is this poem about again? I forget.

  2. @kaycee,thanks boss for commenting,but I think the poem is a prose-like poem, and prose-like poem are known to be self explanatory.
    Thanks for Reading.

  3. I do get the message and I say it’s nice…
    … but it’s quite hard (impossible for me) to connect the title to the body.

    “That need(s) to be utterly reprimanded…
    Even though our choice are not choosed (chosen)”

    This could certainly get better.

  4. @chimzorom, glad you like it. Actually, the title did not connect with the body in totality, I go with the title just b’cos the poem has its theme connected to my fellow countrymen/women, and the only means I could conect with my fellow country-people is through NS(naijastories), so I decided to take it to NS, and that is why it is titled “take me to NS”
    thanks for commenting!
    Thanks for pointing the errors!

  5. Nice poem, check one spelling (but just for one word!!!)

  6. @basittjamiu

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